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Technical Tidbits 9/15

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Does Shaq Mason's NFL future hold more than just offensive line play?

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Week one of the NFL season is now officially in the books and a number of former Jackets showed up in big ways for their professional teams. In terms of statistics, the biggest day of all was probably had by linebacker Derrick Morgan, who started off his sixth NFL season with two sacks against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and former Seminole Jameis Winston. In the rookie category, it is hard to argue that anyone but Shaq Mason had the best game of all -- he was the sole first-year Tech product to draw a start for his team, the Patriots in this case. It is also worth noting that Mason was even seen lining up at fullback for New England at one point in the game. I can't wait to see how Bill Belichick uses him this season and in the future.

The ACC announced yesterday that Georgia Tech will endure its first noon start of the season when the Jackets make the trip up to Durham for a big game against Duke, just one week from Saturday. The Blue Devils, a frequent major victim of Paul Johnson's flexbone offense, used some luck and a little bit of dirty play to knock of the then-undefeated Jackets last season in Atlanta. Tech will certainly be looking for blood this time around and I wouldn't be shocked if the game got ugly for Duke. The message that you can't twist the ankles of star quarterbacks is one that I can't wait to see conveyed to David Cutcliffe's team.

Before we can even start thinking about that Duke game, however, it is important to remember the task at hand: a huge away game at the No. 9 Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Though the matchup should be competitive and fun to watch, coach Paul Johnson has the game flagged as a potential trap for his Jackets. As it happens, I couldn't agree more with CPJ. It is easy to get wrapped up in both your own success and the media hype that comes along with it, but the Tulane game gave me plenty of confidence that Tech is not taking anything for granted.

If you missed the Tulane game over the weekend or simply need to take second look, head on over to GTBob's Youtube channel or watch the embedded video below to get that next look at the 65-10 blowout. There's a lot of good stuff down there!

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Which new NFL-Jacket are you most excited about?