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Mailbag 9/1

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It's our last mailbag for a while.

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What are some of the player pre game rituals and music choices to get the right mind set?

For specific player pre-game rituals, I'm absolutely clueless. Some good music to get you motivated, though, is Centuries by Fall Out Boy, or if you want to go back a bit, Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. Of course, you could always listen to the fight song and D-Mo speeches on repeat.

Any info on First String Wheelman this year? How's his zero to "break the banner" time? Can he live up to the excellence of his predecessors?

This year's driver (according to is Hillary Degenkolb. I don't have a clue who this is, but I hope she does a good job!

Walk us through GT’s path to the playoffs. I expect an MLS-formatted, 850-word document (complete with abstract) on the subject.

Due to time restraints (it's 9:43 AM and I'm in the middle of class), you're not getting an 850-word document that is "MLS" (guessing you mean MLA) formatted. What I will give you is this. For Tech to make it to the CFP, they will need to show vast improvements on defense, specifically from the pass rush. If that can improve, and our skill positions step up in spite of inexperience, I could definitely see us in the playoffs this year.

Do you know if any of the players or coaches watched the "Driven" TV special about the 1990 team?

I don't know personally, but I would assume they did.

Your thoughts on the "Driven" epdisode about the 1990 GT Championship Season?

I actually haven't watched it yet, but I have it on the DVR right now and am just looking for time to watch it. The website, school and work have been keeping me plenty busy.

Sub-question 1: After watching said show, are you, like me, spending all of your time until Thursday sitting in a dark room, eating raw meat, and watching CFB hype videos?

When I'm not busy with the website, school and work, that's exactly what I'll be doing!

Sub-question 2: After watching said show, did you remind yourself that Colorado can always go f*** themselves with a cactus?

Of course I will!

Anywhere I can watch driven online?

I haven't been able to find it, but instead of that, you can watch this game instead.

How many questions will the new thread allow us to ask?

As many as you want to, just know that the questions may not get answered.

How many points are we putting on the Tigers this year? I personally think about 85+/- it might be bc of all the Clemson fans thinking they should have beat us if Watson wasn’t hurt and how bad they shut down Techs offense.. Oh and don’t forget everyone getting giddy on Watson who hasn’t proved a damn thing… But hell its like they are ready to give him the heisman.. I’m going to the ND game but I won’t be able to concentrate on anyone else as I’m flying over Clemson..

I think 85 would be a good over/under number for the total points from both sides in that game, but I think Tech will be doing good to hang 30 on them.

Any insight on our "on-the-bubble" freshmen? Who are the definite Redshirts and who will Redshirt if no emergencies (injuries) occur? Is it possible that we may have 2 Freshman play at B-back? Finally, what the heck happened to Terrell Lewis? He’s not even listed on the two-deep.

Well we know a few freshmen will definitely play (Marshall, Stewart, Gray), but in addition to them, I think we will see Will Bryan, TaQuon Marshall, Anree Saint-Amour, Brentavious Glanton, Kyle Cerge-Henderson, and possibly David Curry get playing time this season. Those are all of the freshmen listed in the depth chart, but we could certainly see some more play on special teams.

I really have no idea what happened to Terrell Lewis. From everything I had been hearing, he had been doing pretty well for himself, so I guess he either just got passed or he was overhyped. This could also potentially be a move to inspire him to take the job. I think he'll still see plenty of playing time.

Which of Georgia Tech's first 9 commitments for 2016 could you see playing as true freshmen?

As potentially the two best players in this class so far, I think future A-back Xavier Gantt and offensive lineman Parker Braun as the only ones seeing significant playing time next year.

On defense which area will be weaker, the defensive line or the linebackers and why?

Until they find a guy that can play decent coverage, I'll say the linebackers, and they won't be terrible either. They'll all be good at getting to the quarterback, but I'd like to see our linebackers play better pass coverage. I don't see that happening with PJ Davis and Tyler Marcordes though.

On the offense which area will weaker, the A-backs or the receivers and why?

I'll say A-backs. I'm pretty confident that our receivers will pick up the right blocking techniques, since most of them at least have experience. That's not really the case with the A-backs.

After GT wins the NC two years in a row and CPJ retires, who will the Yellow Jackets hire to replace him, and why is the answer Bob Stitt?

I think it's a little early to start talking about CPJ retiring, but I'll play along. Right now, I think we actually have a couple people on staff that could serve as a good head coach that would at the very least be considered. The obvious choice here is Ted Roof. He's a Tech guy, and if we win two national championships, I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say the defense was a reason for that. He'd probably be the early frontrunner.

The other guy on staff that I could see as the next head man is quarterbacks and B-backs coach Bryan Cook. He's a young coach, but in his short time on the Flats, I would say he's done fairly well. I think that as he develops as a coach, he could turn into a very good head coach (especially as he continues to learn from CPJ).