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Technical Tidbits 9/1

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We are just two days away from real, actual football.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

The modern-day expanses of Bobby Dodd Stadium are well known and appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people, but fewer fans fully understand the history that currently lies under the stadium's bleachers; the old west side stands still remain underneath the new stands to this day. Now used more for storage than anything else, the old brick stands sit largely unused in the bowels of the 55 thousand-seat stadium but still serve as a very neat reminder of the rich history on The Flats. Though your view of the game might not be too great if you elected to sit there this season, I'm very glad that the decision was made to keep them intact. Take a look at the photo essay I linked to above if you can!

Though Thursday's game versus Alcorn State should be no more than a warm up for the Jackets, there are still a few questions facing the team that could spell success or failure for the 2015 season. I might throw up (and you might too) if I write another breakdown of who will be successful at the A-Back and B-Back positions this season, but the question of which freshmen will play is something that is still largely up in the air. The Alcorn State game, unless it is closer than anticipated, should give us a great idea of who will play as true freshmen since so many players buried on the depth chart should get to play. It won't tell us who will play a lot of snaps, but the information about who will play at all is equally valuable.

Week one power rankings for the ACC were released yesterday and feature Georgia Tech at No. 2, behind only Florida State. There is still no need to get wrapped up in trying to analyze these rankings before the season formally begins, but I will say that I view Clemson, not FSU, as the biggest threat in the Atlantic Division. As unconvinced as I am by Deshaun Watson, I'm even less excited about Everett Golson and cannot fathom him being a top quarterback in the conference for some reason. Is it Thursday?

With the fist Georgia Tech football game of the season now just two nights away, feel free to take one final look at why you should be excited to watch 130 of the best teams in the nation this season, courtesy of SB Nation's Rodger Sherman. It didn't hit me until I read this post how many bad teams there really were in college football last season. It seems like every other sentence was some sort of consoling pat on the back for an Ohio or a Purdue-type school with not much hope. I was also wondering what exactly Sherman would say to look forward to for Wake Forest fans and was not disappointed. Sorry, Deacs. This could get rough really quick.

What are you doing to finish preparing for the start of football season?