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Technical Tidbits 8/6

Paul Johnson is not amused by Tech's efforts in offseason workouts.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The sheer level of unimpressedness that Paul Johnson seems to have with his football team's first full-pad workout is both hilarious and terrifying. The team, which practiced in full uniform in 100-degree Atlanta heat for the first time this offseason, reportedly had some issues with ball security and the head man was none too pleased with the struggles. While it's always fun to have artificial panic attacks stemming from reports like this, the most important thing to remember is that preseason ball control issues have no bearing on the regular season. We all learned that lesson during last preseason. In fact, the only comment Johnson made following the practice that made me react in any way at all was when he said B-Back Patrick Skov had a "chance to be OK," and my reaction to that was just laughter. Why? Because if Paul Johnson had Aaron Rodgers or Peyton Manning on his team, they too would have a "chance to be OK". Don't blow these things out of proportion.

As if working out in 100+ degree weather wasn't bad enough for Tech's players, some local thieves took the offseason workouts as an opportunity to break into the cars of eight athletes and coach while they were parked outside the team hotel in Atlanta. Not to make light of the situation, but I'm just wondering what kind of tool would break into cars belonging to some of the biggest and most athletic men in the city. I'm sure that what some of the players would like to do to whoever broke in would be deserving of much more than an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and rightfully so. Breaking into the cars of hard-working student athletes and coaches is pretty despicable.

For the first time in years it appears that depth on Tech's defensive line will be a strength of the team rather than a tremendous weakness, writes Ken Sugiura. With the struggles that the line played through last season still fresh in everyone's memories, this news is more than welcome -- it is great to have an established core like Tech should this season, but what could be even more valuable is the glut of newcomers vying for playing time with the veterans. That kind of competitiveness from top to bottom on the depth chart should propel the line play to a whole new level this season and hopefully make it one of the deepest and most successful units in the ACC.

Power five conference title game odds were released yesterday and Tech comes in at number three in the ACC at 5/1 odds to win it all. The Jackets, who also lead the Coastal Division, are in what I would call a more than deserving spot given how much talent Clemson and Florida State feature. A few days back I saw a set of odds somewhere that listed Virginia Tech as the team to beat in the Coastal, with odds that were astronomically better than Tech's. Those made me more than a little bit annoyed, as you might expect, but thankfully they don't seem to be the most noteworthy odds that have been produced.

Are you worried by Paul Johnson's comments or are you confident in the state of the team?