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Technical Tidbits 8/5

The party schools are coming and there's nowhere safe to hide.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Though most of our attention this offseason has gone to who will fill the voids left at the A-Back and B-Back positions, the more concerning issue is who will step up at the wide receiver position. According to the AJC's Ken Sugiura, the early frontrunners at wideout appear to be the veteran Micheal Summers and Ricky Jeune with Antonio Messick and a handful of freshmen still lurking just below them on the depth chart. This is hardly surprising -- the job was Summers' to lose and Jeune has appeared to be a step ahead of Messick and company all offseason long -- but it does give us a much clearer picture of who Justin Thomas' main targets will be this season. Jeune and Summers, while they aren't quite Smelter and Waller from a season ago, should be more than capable of hauling in passes and laying down some blocks. The foundation is there for both of them to be successful players.

For an in-depth update of everything that has happened so far during Georgia Tech's 2015 camp, head on over to the official #GTCamp15 Training Camp Central. As of yesterday, the Jackets had completed four full practice sessions in the 90+ degree Atlanta heat, minus whatever portions of the sessions they held inside, and will be going strong yet again today. I'm personally very encouraged by the news that Justin Thomas seems to have developed some chemistry with A-Back Qua Searcy in the passing game; Searcy hasn't gotten much attention this offseason but is very much in the mix for a starting job at A-Back. The fact that he's a converted wide receiver only the sophomore that much more dangerous -- explosiveness as a runner and great hands could mold him into a true stud and a fixture on Tech's offense.

It hasn't even been a week since Jarett Cole committed to Georgia Tech, but it is never too early to get to know one of Paul Johnson's newest weapons. Cole, a three-star safety out of Norcross High School, chose Tech last week over an offer from Kansas State, his other finalist. He appears set on attending Tech, though his father still wants him to take advantage of any other opportunity which may come up. We certainly can't fault Cole or his father for wanting the absolute best, but Paul Johnson's strict anti-visiting policy for his commits might make that a bit tricky. Players have called Johnson's bluff on the issue in the past and it has never worked out well for them.

The Princeton Review released its list of the top 20 party schools in the United States this week, and it turns out that the Jackets will be playing three of them (Georgia, Tulane, and Florida State) this season alone. Hooray! The Jackets have also played two more -- Syracuse and Ole Miss -- over the last two seasons. Will their party hard-ness rub off on Tech and ruin everything? Should we petition the GTAD to keep these schools off the schedule before they corrupt our pristine players forever? Is any of this even relevant? That's for you to decide.

Which wide receiver do you want to see step up in 2015?