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Technical Tidbits 8/4

In which we play Dance Dance Revolution with Shamire Devine and catch up with Vad Lee.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

There are plenty of great stories out there about people who made sacrifices to play college football, but Georgia Tech A-Back Broderick Snoddy went above and beyond when he sacrificed his honeymoon for his team. Snoddy, who just finished recovering from a broken leg suffered during the game against Clemson late last season, got married earlier this summer to his then-girlfriend of five years, Rachel Wright. The track star clearly hasn't let married life slow him down quite yet -- as Ken Sugiura notes, he ran a 10.73 in the 100-meter dash just eight months after suffering his gruesome leg injury in November. Snoddy is expected to be Tech's starting A-Back come week one against Alcorn State.

It has now been a year and a half since Vad Lee announced his decision to transfer from Tech to James Madison University, a stop which many thought was just a stepping stone for Lee on his way to another major school. It now seems, however, that Lee will not only play out his final year of eligibility with the Dukes, but also have a chance to finish as one of the best players in the entire FCS. Lee, who posted amazing numbers as a junior for JMU, looks to have finally found a home and I couldn't be happier for him. He surely wasn't a popular guy when he made the decision to leave Tech, but there are few players in the entire nation who are of higher character than Vad Lee. It still stinks that things didn't work out here, but congratulations to him on finding somewhere to be successful. The decision seems to be paying off for all parties.

Offensive lineman Shamire Devine, whose weight loss I talked about yesterday, has apparently been doing much more than with his summer than just eating healthy and working out -- from getting his driver's licence to attending MomoCon, the big guy sure knows how to keep himself busy. In all honesty, MomoCon is probably once of the last places I'd want to be on any given day -- it ranks right above being buried alive and right below being stranded on a deserted island -- but the possibility of seeing 6-foot-7 Shamire Devine playing Dance Dance Revolution might be enough to make a trip downtown worthwhile.

If you are starving for any kind of college sport, be it Georgia Tech or not, just keep in mind that the start of college football season is now just a month away. Heck, by the time you read this sentence it will only be 30 days away! Maybe even closer depending on how long you try to avoid my posts! If you aren't picky, the season technically starts in just 25 days with the kickoff of FCS powerhouse North Dakota State and Montana on August 29 at 3:30. It is almost time for that evil dead period where all we have to sustain ourselves is Braves baseball to be over. These have been lean months...

If you could play Dance Dance Revolution with one member of the Georgia Tech football program, who would it be and why?