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Practice Notes 8/31: New Numbers, New Week, New Season

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Today I was able to talk to WR Ricky Jeune, QB Justin Thomas, and DC Ted Roof. Today was the only day of media availability this week on a short schedule, and everyone seems to be focused on the game ahead. At this point there isn't much more to be said about camp, and we'll see how the hard work pays off on Thursday.

WR Ricky Jeune

  • Jeune came in from practice today sporting a new number, 2(previously 81). When asked about the switch, he said that the coaches approached him about getting the number(now vacated due to the Anthony Harrell transfer). Jeune wore #5 in high school, but said 5 "belongs to Smoov"
  • I asked Jeune if he had any personal goals for the season, but he said that he just wanted the team to win.
  • He did, however, say that his dream play was to catch a long bomb TD for a win in a close game in his career, so he does have some personal career goals
  • Jeune stated that he worked with QB Justin Thomas a lot this offseason, and feels like the chemistry is now there.

QB Justin Thomas

  • Thomas was asked about the hype going into this season, and how it has affected the team. He said he just tries to act like it's another day and not worry about what happened last year. He also said that he doesn't prod the other players about forgetting about last year because "If you're going out there every saying don't think about last season, then you're thinking about last season."
  • Thomas said that his expectations of himself haven't really changed from last season even though he is going in as the undisputed starter this year
  • Thomas said that the offense didn't really get it done last year during the first few games, and felt that the defense carried the team during that stretch.

DC Ted Roof

  • Author's Note: Roof was obviously agitated by an unsatisfactory practice from his unit, and looked like his mind was elsewhere during the entire interview. I wouldn't get too worried at this point, as not every practice will be perfect, and we'll see how the defense does on Thursday.
  • Roof added that the mistakes made were mostly mental.
  • Roof also added that while the defense has looked better than last year's unit at times during camp, they didn't today. This is why I'm not too worried about his comments today.