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Newbies To Watch For: Patrick Skov

A look at the graduate transfer from Stanford

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Skov transferred to The Institute from Stanford over the summer to help replenish a severely depleted B-Back position.  With the graduation of all three players who had seen playing time at the position, and season-ending injuries to the two projected replacements, his transfer couldn’t come at a better time.

His interest in playing for Paul Johnson in the flexbone was born in December of last year while watching the ACC Championship game against Florida State.  It was his first exposure to the offense and the B-Back position.  He called his father during the game who agreed that he would be a perfect fit, both for the position on the field, and in the classroom at Tech while he pursues his MBA.

Standing at 6’1" and 235 pounds, Skov is comparable in size to both Days and Laskey who excelled at the position last year.  While he didn’t carry the ball much for The Cardinal, he was used mainly as a fullback in their offense who specialized in short-yardage situations. Most of the time he was asked to block, which bodes well as a running back in Paul Johnson’s system.  Skov will certainly lend some veteran leadership to the position, despite this being his first year in the offense.

Rather than try and read too much into his extremely limited offensive stats from last year, or talk about senior leadership, or how great it makes Tech look to get a graduate transfer from Stanford, etc…  I’m going to leave you, dear reader, with a video that more aptly details why he is perfect for the bruising, tough yards, feature running back in Paul Johnson’s offense:

See? He’ll fit in just fine.