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Technical Tidbits 8/28

The Herbie results are in and Justin Thomas is a big winner.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With just six days remaining until kickoff versus Alcorn State, the only thing still left to be decided for the upcoming season is who will redshirt and who will play as true freshmen. Paul Johnson was (shockingly) less than helpful in regards to figuring out who would suit up this season, leaving much of the redshirt-related banter up to our own speculation. There are a few guys, including wide receiver Brad Stewart, B-Back Marcus Marshall, and A.J. Gray, who appear set to play, but beyond that everything is still a question mark. This situation, by the way, is one of the few times when I can't stand Paul Johnson's personality or at least find it frustrating. We are trying to get excited about seeing new faces and figuring out who will play so we can better support the program, but he won't let us know what he's planning. I know he isn't compelled to, but it sure would be helpful.

If you are planning on making it to the upcoming Thursday night game against Alcorn State (note to those who aren't: why?), feel free to take a quick look at this list of gameday experience improvements that the Georgia Tech AD has been working tirelessly to implement for the 2015 season. Among these improvements is some supposedly better traffic flow on the way to Bobby Dodd Stadium, although I've never had a Turner Field-esque experience trying to get to The Flats in the first place. Any traffic improvements are a huge win, though. The stadium will also feature better cellular and data reception for users of certain carriers, though you don't really need it to watch football unless you are one of those people who watches other football games while at a football game.

Kirk Herbstreit, one of the most unapologetic fans of Paul Johnson's offense in the entire media, created an award list of "Herbies," or awards (more like recognition) given to the best players in college football. The winner of the Most Exciting Player Herbie went to none other than Justin Thomas, one of the absolute most polarizing players in the entire nation. Anyone who says that Thomas isn't the most exciting player in the country simply hasn't watched him play -- no other quarterback is as explosive as Thomas is on every play. Herbstreit also picked the Jackets to win the ACC Championship Game over Florida State, for what it's worth. His belief in the program is just awesome.

In the past, I've linked to articles about racism in the fraternities of various schools, including Oklahoma and a few others. As much as I'd like to believe that those were isolated accidents that could in no way occur at a place like Georgia Tech, I'm disappointed to inform you that a Tech fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, is being investigated for racial harassment after reports surfaced of members using racial slurs and epithets. It is never fun to report negative things about a school that I'm very proud of, but I just wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't. There isn't a place for senseless racism or any other type of discrimination anywhere, but especially at a trend-setting establishment like Georgia Tech. It is saddening that people around the nation will read that article and use it to fuel pre-existing notions and stereotypes about both the state of Georgia and the South in general, especially since such a small faction of the student body has such archaic, antiquated, and generally disgusting views. It is just disappointing news.

Do you agree with Kirk Herbstreit's Herbie winners?