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Technical Tidbits 8/27

In which Patrick Skov reveals his love for hamburgers.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Freshman B-Back Quiade Weimerskirch, who sustained a foot injury back in the spring which was originally thought to put his 2015 season in jeopardy, is now expected to be able to practice as soon an next week. Weimerskirch was right in the thick of the B-Back battle prior to his unfortunate injury -- he was listed as the starter right after C.J. Leggett tore his ACL -- but now a redshirt season seems to be in the cards for the bruising back. Paul Johnson seems to be fairly confident with his current B-Back rotation of Skov, Marshall, and Allen, though Quaide would surely be the first man off the bench if any one of that trio went down with an injury.

There are a lot of things for new Stanford transfer Patrick Skov to miss about playing on the West Coast. From the beaches to the weather to the, uh.... drought? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Inviting neighborhoods of Oakland? Actually, I'm really not sure what else Skov misses about California other than the fact that the Golden State is home to many an In-N-Out Burger, the new Yellow Jacket's favorite "cheat food." Now I have personally never had In-N-Out Burger (the name itself is annoying enough to type), but I would like to suggest that Skov try out Five Guys while he's here. Sure, they have them in California too, but I'm assuming he never did his due diligence and ate there. You're missing out, Patrick.

Georgia Tech is getting more and more anxious for the upcoming football season with every passing day, writes the AJC. We are now under 10 days away from actual live Georgia Tech football (and even fewer days away from actual live college football in general), but this last stretch has the potential to be the most brutal by far. All we can do is hope that everything continues to go well during practice in terms of injuries and that everyone is ready to go by the time week one finally arrives. Decisions are still being made about who will redshirt and who won't, but stay tuned to figure out who exactly will be contributing this season.

ACC Coastal rival Duke has been absolutely ravaged by injury this offseason, and its already thin secondary took another hit yesterday when it was announced that cornerback Byron Fields had suffered a torn ACL and will miss the entire season. I hate to see any player go down with injury, but I'm just having a hard time feeling sorry for Duke and coach Cutcliffe after they not-so-discreetly twisted Justin Thomas' ankle during the loss last season. Not cool, guys.

What is the best fast food burger place in the nation? Is it football time yet?