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Technical Tidbits 8/26

Paul Johnson, elementary school principal extraordinaire?

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Former Yellow Jacket and current Baltimore Raven Darren Waller is making one final push to make the 53-man roster of his new NFL team, writes the AJC. The 6-foot-6 Waller had three receptions for 21 yards and a touchdown during Baltimore's second preseason game of the year but still remains locked in a battle for a roster spot along with former Demon Deacon Michael Campanaro, among others. Though many speculated that Waller would move to tight end at the NFL level, he has definitely proven that he can take advantage of his physical gifts as a wideout. With his size and speed combination, the sky is the limit for Darren Waller. Whether his future is in Baltimore or elsewhere remains to be seen.

If you had asked me yesterday to guess which profession Paul Johnson almost went into, elementary school principal would have been the second-to-last answer I'd have given, just ahead of therapist and possibly professional bedazzler. As it turns out, however, a school principal is exactly what Paul Johnson, then 25 years old, almost became before ultimately taking his first job at Georgia Southern. I could easily see Johnson being an administrator of some sort at a high school or some other place with older students, but the thought of him walking kindergartners down the hall in a single file line strikes me as odd. Not to mention having to deal with overbearing parents. I think he might have made the right career choice, and his bank account certainly agrees.

The popular Georgia Tech football Buzz Memories program is now officially returning for the 2015 season. The program, which allows season ticket holders to acquire credits that can be applied towards various gameday activities, debuted last season and was instantly a huge success. The rewards for the program vary greatly, with differing point values being assigned to activities ranging from media box tours to field passes. If you are planning on using the program this season or have used it in the past, let us know in the comments below!

Fox Sports will release an episode of its very popular sports series "Driven" this Friday featuring the story of Georgia Tech's 1990 Championship team. The show, which will include everything from interviews with players and coaches to other interesting information surrounding the program, will debut at 11PM and is set to re-air every day thereafter at varying times for over a week. If previous "Driven" episodes are any indication, it should be very well-made and fun to watch.

Are you surprised that Paul Johnson was nearly a principal? What other career paths could you see him exploring?