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Technical Tidbits 8/14

Will football season ever get here or is it just a never-ending tease?

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The much-anticipated return of defensive lineman Jabari Hunt-Days and the rest of the Jackets is now just 20 days away. As I've mentioned nearly every day since it was announced that Hunt-Days regained his eligibility for the upcoming season, his return should be a massive win for the 2015 defense. If he and Adam Gotsis manage to stay healthy for the duration of the season, we could be looking at perhaps best duo of defensive tackles in the entire nation. Both are NFL-caliber talents and should have massive 2015 seasons, hopefully en route to another big bowl win.

New Yellow Jacked Up editor and former FTRS contributor Wes Morton recently released his breakdown of the A-Back group for the 2015 season, including a nice analysis of both the starters and key depth at the position. As I mentioned yesterday, the two A-Back starters if the season started today would be senior Broderick Snoddy and redshirt freshman Qua Searcy, two of the most talented -- and fastest -- players on the whole team. In terms of key depth at the position, Isiah Willis, Mikell Lands-Davis, and Matthew Jordan could all see considerable playing time. Past Snoddy, no spot is truly a lock at this point and even he could be on the ropes if his play regresses this season. It will be an interesting story-line to watch throughout the season.

Not only will the A-Back position be one to watch during the 2015 season, but finding out who will replace B-Backs Zach Laskey and Synjyn Days should be an equally intriguing proposition. The picture of who figures to contribute for the B-Backs is a bit clearer than that of the A-Backs with Patrick Skov, Marcus Marshall, and Marcus Allen leading the way at the position. Either Allen or Skov figures to get the start week one simply because Marshall is a true freshman, but don't be surprised to see a lot of Marcus Marshall shortly thereafter. He already beat out Mikell Lands-Davis at the position and could look to do the same to Allen and Skov.

We are so, so, so close to the kickoff of the 2015 season. It has been a grueling offseason in more ways than one and it only seems fair to reward yourself by taking a look at this 2014 highlight video, courtesy of Justin Thomas, Synjyn Days, DeAndre Smelter, and more. You've earned it.

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How are you going to pass the final 20 days before football season?