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Technical Tidbits 8/13

In which Ted Roof looks to dial up the pressure.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Since his debut as a defensive coordinator at the collegiate level, Ted Roof has never been afraid to take a risk or dial up pressure more frequently than other coordinators. This has been, in many ways, a big key to his success at the FBS level -- Roof has always had a way of keeping quarterbacks and offensive play-callers off balance and waiting anxiously for the next snap. After getting away from that aggressive philosophy a bit during the 2014 campaign, it now appears that Roof and his staff finally have the personnel to make it work in the 2015 season. If the pieces really are there for Roof to be aggressive once again, it could lay the framework for a very successful defensive season with better overall numbers and similar turnover margins as those from the 2014 season. In just over 20 days, we'll get to see for sure.

After 30 years of top-notch service on The Flats, legendary trainer Walter Smith has finally decided to call it quits and head towards the golden light of retirement. Smith, a consummate trainer for the better part of three decades, has been a fixture of the Tech dugout and campus in general since his arrival on The Flats back in 1985. I'd venture to say that it has been quite a fun ride for the all-time great, who has seen over 1,200 wins and dozens of future MLB stars with his own eyes. Congratulations to Walter Smith on a phenomenal Tech career.

The Jackets finished up their 12th day of practice yesterday and surprise! Paul Johnson is yet again not happy with the outcome! I'm wondering if there is a point where we should actually begin to worry about Johnson's constantly negative feedback regarding the practices -- I'm hoping that he's over exaggerating just a little bit (or a lot), but I really can't remember a time when the coach has been so constantly pessimistic for so long. The season is absolutely not in doubt, at least not in my mind, but something apparently needs to change before kickoff against Alcorn State if Paul Johnson is to be pleased.

Rising redshirt freshman Qua Searcy, a former cornerback and wide receiver, is looking to make his presence felt during the A-Back competition this offseason. According to Paul Johnson's depth chart, Searcy and Broderick Snoddy would be the two starters at A-Back if the season started today. If it does pan out that way, a one-two punch of Snoddy and Searcy could be one of the most impressive tandems we've seen in years. Snoddy's speed and Searcy's athletic ability would make for a sight to behold.

Should Ted Roof return to his aggressive style this season?