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Mailbag 7/7

In which we discuss the HUNH.

Evan Pike-USA TODAY Sports

Is this the year that CPJ finally shows us the no huddle version of his offense? And who are we likely to use it against?

Nope. What you see is what you get. The offense was quite near perfection last season and since Paul Johnson has been here, only a handful of people have been able to effectively slow it down. Why would Paul Johnson change that?

Add to that, the point of a HUNH offense is to tire out defenses. An eight-minute death march can have the same effect on a defense as four two-minute drives. Don't believe me? Go watch game film from the games against Miami, uga, Mississippi State, and yes I could go on.

I have never understood why people think Tech needs to add the HUNH to our offense. It works just as well at the speed at which we run it.

Can you help me with my Writer's Block? My latest work, "Logic of Single form Tautologies, and Other Things I Think I Know to be True" was proceeding nicely through the Chapter "Single Form Tautologies: Sports" when I ran into a Block. My latest entries were:
"Paul Johnson really doesn’t care what you think"
"Pizza Dip is never the right choice for inebriated tailgating"
"Dwag players don’t take calculus"
As a Writer of the First Class, can you offer me some spark, some kick, to get me back on track?

Playing off the last question, I think a good entry would be "Why CPJ's offense is fine the way it is." What you should do is take all of your entries and convert them into FanPosts. I'm sure the community would love to read them!

I NEED ANSWERS! Re-submitting from last week:
Rate how you’re feeling at this point, regarding the 2015 football team:
1) Other Tech fans would call you a "homer"
2) Optimistic
3) Cautiously optimistic
4) Neutral
5) Mildly pessimistic
6) Pessimistic
7) Other Tech fans would call you a "hater"

Well, Joey, I feel you did a fantastic job answering this question last week, so I'm just going to copy and paste your answer over here. Ah, I'm just pulling your leg.

I would say that like Joey, I'm at a three right now. I know this team definitely has the talent to be right back where they were last year this year. That will just be shown in a different way since the majority of our experience comes on the defense this year.

The main thing that makes me nervous is the inexperience on offense and our unproven pass rush (though I'm not too concerned with that). Knowing Paul Johnson and how well he knows the offense and Justin Thomas' ability as a quarterback in this offense, that gives me some optimism for the offense this year. I see it as more of a reloading season, than a rebuilding one.

Please to provide $$ proof?

6. On his decision to commit to Tech: "Not only was it down the street, but after I found out one out of six graduates become millionaires, I was like, Yeah, that’s the ticket right there." Omahri Jarrett in AJC.

This kid's got a good head on his shoulders. It's very true that more often than not, college football players don't make it to the next level. That's the main reason I applaud players who choose to go to a school more known for its academics and then going on to stay until they earn their degree, or come back to earn it.

This might be conspiracy theory-esque, but since we’re fans of, for lack of a better term, a small-market team, could that hurt Tech if they were a fringe-playoff team? Since the 4-letter network basically controls college football, it seems like having a Georgia Tech vs. Baylor game, or something similar, would be a nightmare for them… lower ticket sales, lower viewership since it’s "non-marquee" teams. Could you see espn leveraging Tech out of a playoff game if it was between them and big-name team who would fill the stadium and attract more viewers?

I like dealing with conspiracy theories, and because I'd like to do some more research on this particular one, I have selected this to be my next project.

What is the half-life of a Paul Johnson grudge?

/Looks up the term "half-life"

/Sees a bunch of science mumbo-jumbo and remembers why I didn't go to Tech

/Gets in fetal position and says "Make the science go away."

Clearly I don't have good memories of science. I also don't know what a half-life is and Google didn't do much for me. So instead, I'm just going to make a safe estimate and say that a Paul Johnson grudge lasts until one party (either the coach or the person/thing against which the coach has a grudge) is removed from the picture.

How much does CPJ still want to "beat the hell out of" Brian VanGorder?

Taking my last definition, I'm going to say that CPJ definitely still wants to beat the hell out of Brian VanGorder a lot more. I mean, wouldn't you be mad if someone took the job you just left in a good position just to have them change everything, only to have it not work? I know I would be.

How does that affect our chances on September 19?

I think it bodes well for our upcoming game against the Fighting Irish. Combine that with the fact that Notre Dame hasn't done well against the option since Brian Kelly has been there, and that's a recipe for disaster for them.

Realistic expectations for Snoddy? So Snoddy was just catching his stride pre-injury. Claims are that his rehab has gone well. I don’t recall what his leg injury was or have any familiarity with leg injuries in general. I know each recovery is case-by-case basis, but I know knee injuries have more worries than a forearm injuries. Thoughts on Snoddy being back to form, concerns for aggravation/lingering effects of the broken leg. If Snoddy drops out of the game day picture, where do we sit?

Honestly, I think Snoddy will be able to step right back in like he was starting to do prior to his injury. It might take him a couple games to get back up to speed, but we won't truly need his dynamic playmaking ability until Notre Dame, so he's got a couple of games to get up to speed before then.