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Technical Tidbits 7/3

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Does Georgia Tech play against two of the most underachieving programs in the country every year? Probably.

I'm looking at you, UGA and UNC.
I'm looking at you, UGA and UNC.
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According to Southern Pigskin contributor BJ Bennett, one of the biggest questions in the ACC this season will whether or not Georgia Tech can take a step forward and become the national powerhouse that some are expecting it to be. As Bennett correctly points out, both Georgia Tech and rival Clemson are experiencing heightened preseason expectations as a result of success in 2014, and a big part of achieving that success will be quarterback play. I already shared my opinion of Deshaun Watson yesterday, but rest assured that Justin Thomas is both willing and able to step up and lead the Jackets to another record-breaking season, even without the veteran offensive contributors from a season ago. If there ever was a season for Tech to achieve national prominence, it would be 2015.

An equally fun-to-consider question was recently posed by SB Nation's Michael Bird as well: is Georgia the most underachieving program in the country? My first instinct was to say probably so, but then I really got to thinking and realized that my answer was actually more along the lines of duh. If we are just talking about the Mark Richt era at UGA, it seems exceedingly obvious that no other team in the nation has failed to win given the a) talent and b) expectations that Georgia has year in and year out. Not only has UGA failed to win a championship since 1980, but it has been a decade since they've even won their own conference. How is it possible to justify a consistent top-10 ranking for a school that can't even win while playing the weakest schedule in the SEC like they did in 2014? It isn't.

If you like awkward interviews (and what Paul Johnson lover doesn't?), then you might want to consider watching Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh get hung up on by Colin Cowherd in what Cowherd himself described as a "clunker". Coling Cowherd is generally on the second or third level of annoying when it comes to radio personalities (trumped only by Finebaum), but I must say that I felt terrible for him during this interview. I mean, the man tried everything he could to get the legendary coach to open up and "sell his program" but Harbaugh just shot him down. Sorry, Colin. Better luck with the rest of the totally not at all prickly personalities of the B1G.

I'll leave you today with a look at Georgia Tech's latest round of billboards that are now up all around Atlanta. If you thought last season's round of billboards were awesome, then you are probably going to love these newest ones even more. The third one, which features Adam Gotsis sacking former Georgia quarterback/scapegoat Hutson Mason, is especially satisfying.

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Which program underachieves more than any other in the nation? Is it UGA or some other school?