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Technical Tidbits 7/28

The ACC superlatives are in and you are going to be SHOCKED by which school was voted most overrated.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Although the 2014 football season was far and away the most successful in recent history for Georgia Tech, deficiencies in the performances of other sports earned the Jackets just the twelfth-best ranking in the conference in terms of success across all sports for 2014. As it turns out, an 11-win season in football and an ACC Championship in golf were just not enough to offset a poor season from the basketball team and a relatively weak season from the baseball team in addition to some down years for various other sports. Florida State came away as the "winner" of the 2014 athletic season, in large part due to another 13-0 regular season in football and a very good baseball team. Boston College finished dead last on the back of its poor basketball season and mediocre football team.

Speaking of that ACC Championship golf team, former Yellow Jacket Ollie Schniederjans wasted no time making his impact on the golf world during his first tournament as a professional, the Canadian Open. If you recall, Schniederjans missed out on over $120 thousand in winnings just a couple of weeks ago after playing the British Open as an amateur, but bounced back nicely to pocket $46 thousand in Canada after a -9, T-22 performance. He further padded his bank account shortly thereafter by signing an endorsement deal with golf giant Callaway yesterday, bringing in a payday that I imagine is fit for a man who was the top-ranked amateur in the world for 41 weeks in a row just last year.

While Patrick Skov is most likely going to be the starter at B-Back for Tech come week one, coach Paul Johnson and his staff have not guaranteed anything to the Stanford transfer -- the field remains as wide open as it was before Skov announced that he would enroll at Tech. Regardless of who starts the season at B-Back, rest assured that the best man for the job will be in the starting role by the end of the season; Paul Johnson has proven time and time again that whoever gives his team the best chance of winning will be on the field, regardless of age or any other status. It probably isn't a good idea to expect production akin to what Synjyn Days and Zach Laskey gave us last season, but don't be surprised if a one-two punch of Patrick Skov and Marcus Allen with a bit of Lands-Davis gives the team exactly what it needs. As long as Justin Thomas keeps making the reads, the rest will follow.

Sports Illustrated, in addition to calling Tech a darkhorse playoff contender a few weeks back, also thinks that the Jackets have the toughest schedule in the ACC for the upcoming 2015 season. Interestingly enough, they also think that Clemson has the best path to the playoffs despite a schedule very similar to Tech's, although with South Carolina instead of UGA and no Notre Dame. The most overrated award went to Miami, though in hindsight it will probably go to UNC because that is their God-given place in the world.

Which B-Back will have the biggest impact this season? Is there a 1000-yard rusher on the roster?