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Technical Tidbits 7/24

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What exactly would Tech have to do in order to be included in the four-team playoff?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Senior defensive tackle Adam Gotsis was the only Yellow Jacket named to the preseason All-ACC team, beating out the likes of Virginia Tech's Luther Maddy and Corey Marshall to become the top vote-getter at his position. Gotsis, who had what could be considered a down year in 2014 as a result of under-performing players around him, is poised to be one of the best linemen in the conference this season and absolutely deserves the honor of being named to the preseason team. One could also argue that cornerback D.J. White should be a preseason All-ACC selection for Tech, but the most glaring omission was Justin Thomas -- the rising junior took a backseat to Clemson's Deshaun "unproven and made of paper" Watson once again.

LSU commit Donavaughn Campbell, a four-star offensive lineman and brother of Tech's rising freshman quarterback Christian Campbell, confirmed to the AJC that he would be taking an official visit to The Flats during the football season after spending the better part of a week visiting his brother on campus. This is great news in terms of Tech's shot at landing Campbell, and he appears to really be considering the Jackets as a potential home. Though Campbell also confirmed that he was still firmly committed to LSU, Tech is one of his top three teams, along with LSU and Alabama, so nothing is out of the question yet. The allure of playing with his brother will hopefully be enough to pry him out of Baton Rouge.

Georgia Tech was brought up when Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples was asked to name one team which has an underrated shot at making a playoff push this season, as seen in the video below. I'm fully aware that the only right time to talk about your team making the playoffs is when they actually make the playoffs, but it is worth nothing that this season could be Tech's best shot given how difficult the schedule is and how good the team should be. What I am afraid to speculate about, however, is what kind of record would get Tech into the playoffs. An ACC Championship seems completely necessary and I really feel like more than one loss would disqualify Tech, so 12-1 heading into bowl season should do it.

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Georgia Tech football single-game tickets go on sale today, so be sure to lock down yours before some of the bigger games -- most notably vs. FSU and Georgia -- are sold out. At my last check, there were only about 1,000 tickets left to the Florida State game and the Georgia game is only available via StubHub.

What would Tech have to do to make it into the four-team playoff this season?