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Mailbag 7/21

In which we talk money and surprise players.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

What are the chances we see a "standard stipend" amount adopted for all P5 schools? I agree with the concept of COA…but the potential for abuse of "that schools formula" by the football factories is the elephant in the room. A recruits first question cannot be "how much do they pay?" Is there a better solution than a fixed stipend?

Right now, I believe it is supposed to be decided for how much of a stipend a P5 school wants to offer a player. However, as years pass on by, I do think it's more than likely there will be at least a minimum stipend set for players. I still think the best solution is a semi-pro league, but if we're going based off of what kind of stipend would be best, then for fairness' sake, I'd say go with a fixed one.

In Beesball, RHP Jonathan Hughes turned down in the range of a $900K bonus from the Orioles as their 2nd round pick. Am I right to think he could be a major boost for our pitching staff – the weak link in 2015?

This will definitely boost the pitching staff. This guy was a second round draft pick for a reason. I'm hoping he will be to our rotation this season what I was hoping Daniel Gooden was going to turn into last year. Unfortunately, that didn't really work out like I hoped and now Gooden is no longer with the team, so there's that.

Who will be the total surprise this year on our roster?

I'm going to say Trey Klock at left tackle. Unfortunately, I'm not the most hopeful for Shamire Devine with his weight/conditioning issues, so I think what will happen is Trey Braun will move over to right guard and Bryan Chamberlain will slide into left guard leaving left tackle open for the taking. I could also see Klock overtaking Errin Joe at right tackle. Regardless, he's definitely a player to watch out for this season.

Meaningless preseason prediction for every division in FBS. Go!

I'm really not sure if you want me to give you my predicted winners for each conference or if you just want me to give a random prediction, but because I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to random facts about football conferences, I'm just going to predict the conference champs.


ACC - Georgia Tech

Big 10 - Ohio State

Big 12 - TCU

C-USA - Western Kentucky

MAC - Western Michigan

Mountain West - Boise State

Pac 12 - Arizona

SEC - Alabama

Sun Belt - Georgia Southern

No tailgate experience, yet FINALLY becoming a season tix holder. Can we get a tripadvisor style guide to tailgating at BDS?

Joey's actually working on a post about this, so I'll let him handle it. That post should be out later this week.

Is Tech working on a record number of flips this year in recruiting? Or does it just look that way? Seriously, several offensive and defensive linemen who are already committed are talking about Tech or taking informal visits or are bragging that they got an offer from Tech. O.K., I am wandering beyond asking a question and getting into commentary but does it look like getting an offer from Tech is suddenly as sexy as getting an offer from the SEC, or is it just me?

That's an interesting question. I really don't think they're doing that much differently. It just happens to be that a lot of the guys they seem to be interested in are committed to other schools. They just aren't fully committed. I wouldn't say a Tech offer is quite as "sexy" as an SEC offer yet, but if Tech plays the next few seasons like they did last season, it could very well turn into a "sexy" offer.

Will we have a FTRS countdown to TML clock? Please?

Since I don't know what you mean by TML, I'm gonna go with maybe on this one.

How's JHD doing in school? Did he do well on mid-terms? Need any tutoring, prayers, coffee and donuts…?

The last report I saw said he is on track to regain his eligibility, so I would say he's in good shape right now. He just needs to keep doing what he's doing and he should be good to go.

Have their been any articles posted or leaks about jerseys for this season? I think everything we wore last year looked pretty slick and wouldn’t be upset if we didn’t change anything.

The only picture of jerseys I've seen are the ones from the #ACCKickoff that Justin Thomas and DJ White wore.

Photo courtesy of ACC

Whether or not Tech actually wears those this season is still up for debate. I think we'll probably see quite a bit of the white jerseys again this season.

Following up on the Iowa alumni survey, prioritize the following: winning, graduating players, and doing things the right way.

For me this depends on what you are most concerned about. Obviously doing things right is one of the most important things and deserves to be 1a or 1b. For the other one that just depends on whether you are more focused on football or taking your players and continuing to develop them as people. Personally, I'd rather see us graduate players because I know they will be better off for it in the long run. That's also not to say that winning is not important. I just think real life is more important than football.