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Mailbag 7/14

In which we examine the homer-ism of the AJC and our fearless leader's #drunj-ness

One of these guys will start for Ohio State.......maybe
One of these guys will start for Ohio State.......maybe
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Is it just me, or does the AJC go "All Dwag, All the TIME"?
The online AJC recently seems to be covered with dwag poop.
Nothing by articles about dwag recruiting, to wit: "Hahira High 4 Star Split End wipes twice, what does this mean for Richt’s 2018 Signing Class, Film at 11!!!!" It is like they let Michael Carvell take over the whole Rag for the summer. While I’m happy for his efforts on the part of WR Brad Stewart, this is getting a little leg humper crazy.
All of the 2016 Presidential Race effluvia is bad enough, but DWAG NIGHT cannot come and be gone soon enough for me. And what is "The Opening" and will Jennifer Lawrence be there?
#Publishing/Editing Standards

You're definitely not completely wrong. More often than not, when you open a sports section in any paper in the state, a lot of the various articles are going to be about uga. Why is that? Because more people read about uga. Speaking as a journalist, it is very important for a publication to know their readership. And because in the state of Georgia, the uga fans outnumber the Tech fans by a fairly large margin, these different publications know that they're going to get more people reading if they write stuff about uga.

That being said, I applaud the AJC for their Tech coverage. I think that Ken Sugiura has done a fantastic job as a beat reporter. I feel some of the recruiting coverage could be better over there (or at least not as obviously biased as it is), but like I was saying, it's all about knowing your readership. And yes, I do believe they could do a better job with giving Tech a little bit more limelight.

Is JT5 got player-led 7-on-7 drills going with the A-backs, B-backs, and WR’s? If not that, then what is typical for player-led drills during the summer before camp?

I'm really not sure what the protocol is surrounding player-led 7-on-7 drills. I really tend to doubt that they are so much formal drills, as they are just messing around and learning some plays, while also spending proper time working out and conditioning.

I really, really am curious about recruiting this year.
Tech recruiting seems to be kind of a deep throat issue this year. Usually I can read between the lines by searching the internet for free information. But even the recruiting sites seem to be batting zero. Even my usual contacts do not seem to know as much (or are not talking). Each recruit we have gotten, with maybe one exception, has been someone that we didn’t hear much talk about until BOOM, they committed to Tech.
I understand, I think, some of the reasons for this but what is the main reason why recruiting this year seems so close to the vest and almost an undercover operation? Is it just me or is this year different from recent years?

I actually don't really have much of an issue with this. Sometimes news can leak early before it actually becomes official, and sometimes because of that, whatever news that is can absolutely fall through. I also like to think that Paul Johnson and his staff are working hard to find those guys that will climb up the recruiting boards really late, but are still mostly undiscovered as of now.

Who’s going to win the ’Natty this year in your opinion?

It's hard to pick against Ohio State right now. They've got a ton of talent returning from last season, including three quarterbacks which could all contend for the Heisman, depending on who starts. Add to that Ezekiel Elliott at running back and Joey Bosa anchoring that defense with Urban Meyer leading the way, and that's my current projection.

What is the best month of the year? And why is it July?

I'm actually not a huge fan of the month of July. It's too hot! My favorite month is probably October, weather-wise at least. Really, that stretch from August to October is really my favorite. In August, I've got a birthday. In September, football starts. And in October, the weather is perfect. What's not to like?

In a scale of Jehova's Witness to Ke$ha, how #drunj do you believe our fearless leader was on our trip to LA this past weekend?

I actually got to experience a little bit of our fearless leader's #drunj-ness. I think it was Saturday night, I had sent him an email, and no kidding this was the response:

I really wish I could "favorite" emails. This was fantastic.

And now after checking, I can confirm that I got that at 2:56 AM EDT Sunday morning. Good job Joey!

Who has the inside track to replace Roddy Jones as our color commentary guy?

We'll miss you Roddy!!

I don't have any inside info as to who will officially replace him, but the person I want to be Tech's next color commentary guy is a guy y'all probably remember pretty well. He's a real renaissance man that has done everything from major in Aerospace Engineering at Tech to being a walk-on with the football team, to becoming an All-ACC center, to becoming a lawyer and a sideline reporter. This guy has done it all. And now I think he should make his way up to the booth. In case you haven't figured out who I'm talking about, I'm referring to former Georgia Tech center Sean Bedford.

If you want to read a little bit more about what Bedford has been up to, you can check out this posted a little over a year ago.