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Mailbag 7/14 Questions

Ask some questions!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the wonderful world of the mailbag. I do also want to take this chance to tell Roddy Jones that we will indeed miss his color commentary in the upcoming season. It was a pleasure to be able to listen to you call games on the radio, and I wish you the best moving forward.

As for the mailbag, I'm sure y'all have plenty of questions you're just dying to ask me, so you can do that either here or you can send them to my Twitter @FTRSBen.

I've made some progress on some of those articles I keep saying I'm going to produce, but I am going to change how I do this back to how I was doing it previously, just because I don't have time to be doing that week after week. After I catch up, I may return to doing it weekly, but for the time being, I'll only be doing it for the ones I truly feel need extra research.