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Technical Tidbits 7/10

Will the wideouts in the room stand up?

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Just one season after his hiring to work in the radio booth for football games, A-Back-turn-broadcaster Roddy Jones has decided to leave the Flats for a job as a sideline reporter for Raycom Sports. Jones, who amassed 1,846 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns during his 4-season playing career, joined play-by-play caller Brandon Gaudin in the booth prior to the 2014 season. The new job with Raycom is no doubt a big step in Jones' career, and we all wish him the best as he continues down his post-football career path. Hopefully he will have the opportunity to call many more games just as exciting as the 2014 rendition of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate, during which he made some of the most memorable remarks in recent memory.

Though most of the attention has gone to who will produce from the A-Back and B-Back spots on Tech's offense, an equally important question is that of which wide receiver will be able to step up and become Justin Thomas' new go-to guy. While the veterans like Micheal Summers will certainly be in the mix, rising freshman Christian Philpott could be the guy who puts it all together and becomes the best pass-catcher on the team; he absolutely possesses the skill, size, and speed to do just that. Philpott, a three-star recruit from Tallahassee, just so happens to be one of my favorite players in the 2015 class simply because his ceiling is as high as anyone's. As Ken Sugiura says in the article, he very well could have the best straight-line speed that we've seen since eventual second-round pick Stephen Hill left the Flats. That attribute coupled with his amazing ability to track down deep balls (seriously, watch the highlight reel) put him many strides ahead of his fellow newcomers, both literally and figuratively. He and A.J. Gray could be the biggest impact freshmen in a long time.

The 2015 class for the Georgia Tech Sports Hall of Fame was announced yesterday, featuring 9 of the most influential and talented athletes and talents to ever step foot on the Flats. Each of the inductees is more than deserving of the honor, but one of the more notable names to be inducted is former voice of the Jackets Wes Durham, who left for a television job prior to last season. Joining him are former baseball player Tyler Greene, punter Dan Dyke, and six more fantastic athletes who will be inducted on October 16th and honored the following day during Tech's game against Pittsburgh. Congratulations to the Hall of Fame class of 2015!

I'll leave you today with a glorious look at the newest hit "Turn it Up", a joint venture between David Ortiz of the Red Sox and Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots. This is absolutely not relevant to anything, but you are still required to watch it anyways just so you can feel better about your singing voice. That video is honestly just one Shaquille O'Neal away from perfection. Good work, Dunkin Donuts.

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Could Christian Philpott be the best receiver on the Flats since Stephen Hill? What contributions will he make in 2015?