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Technical Tidbits 7/1

The pipeline from Sandy Creek just keeps on giving.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Freshman defensive lineman Trent Sellers will be the latest in a long line of Sandy Creek products to play on the Flats when week one finally rolls around, joining former Jackets such as Andrew Gardner, Isaiah Johnson, and some bum named Calvin Johnson. If his three predecessors are any indication, Sellers should have a very successful career in white and gold. He certainly has the tools and talent to do so, especially when you consider the turnover that Tech's defensive line will experience after this season. There will be an opportunity for Sellers to shine, and I can't wait to see what he does with it.

Georgia Tech commit Chris Martin, a member of the 2016 recruiting class, announced his intentions to enroll early yesterday during an interview with the AJC. He also mentions that he thinks athlete Garrett Rigby, who was mistaken for having committed last month, will be the next Georgia Tech commit. I'll leave this quote from Martin right here for any potential recruit reading the article:

I definitely want to do marketing management. Hopefully I graduate with a degree in that and then go into corporate America and make good money out of college if the NFL doesn’t work out.

You know it's the offseason when I'm linking you to articles regarding how one goes about re-sodding the field at Bobby Dodd Stadium. I honestly wasn't expecting too much from the article when I first read it, but it turns out that Ken Sugiura somehow found a way to make grass interesting. The cost to re-sod the entirety of Bobby Dodd Stadium is reportedly somewhere around $90 thousand, which AEG Live (the company responsible for the Rolling Stones concert) will be on the hook for. Best of luck to the Georgia Tech grounds crew with what should be a busy summer to say the least.

Duke guard Laken Tomlinson, a first-round pick by the Detroit Lions in this year's NFL Draft, has been named the ACC male athlete of the year in recognition of his phenomenal swan song season. Tomlinson is truly the embodiment of a great player and person and truly deserves this recognition, even if he did go under the radar while at Duke. If we are being totally honest here, he was probably the best offensive lineman in the entire conference for at least the past two seasons and one of the best in the nation; Duke would never have experienced the great success it did without him.

What do you see as Trent Sellers' ceiling as a player?