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Georgia Tech Football: 2014 Top 10 Plays - #9: Justin Thomas breaks some ankles

Number nine on our top 10 plays from 2014 shows just what happens when you over pursue on Justin Thomas.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

For the next two weeks, From The Rumble Seat will be bringing you the top 10 plays of the 2014 season from the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team. There were plenty to choose from in such a spectacular season, but these are the ones we feel made the cut. Feel free to leave your opinions and let us know at the end if you feel some plays were left out, and maybe we can have an honorable mentions post.

#9 of the top 10 plays of the 2014 season isn't the longest run or the most significant run - it may not have even had that big of an impact on the game - but it did show how silly Justin Thomas can make someone look when they're trying to tackle him. I remember this run so well because of the national stage it was on. For a little while on that New Year's Eve night, everyone was finally talking about just how good Justin Thomas was. The sophomore QB was running all over what was once considered the best team in the nation like it wasn't even a challenge. On this particular play, Thomas stops on a dime and completely shakes a highly regarded cornerback out of his shoes. After the juke, Thomas explodes through the open hole with incredible acceleration to take a two-score lead and never look back.

This play should get you excited, because we'll be seeing plenty of this again in only a few months.

What do you think about this play? Is it ranked too high? Too low?