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Technical Tidbits 6/9

Will the 2015 MLB Draft be the worst ever for Danny Hall? Stay tuned.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Despite producing some of the most MLB-ready players in recent history during Danny Hall's tenure on the Flats, this year's MLB Draft could be a slow one for Georgia Tech. The Jackets feature just one player in the top 500 of prospect rankings in Matt Gonzalez and don't figure to have many players selected at all. Part of that is because there are so few draft-eligible players -- the core of the team is mainly comprised of rising juniors --but it is also in part because the current roster is flat out less talented than we've seen in recent years. I'm sure you could find some way to argue with me about that, but the fact that the team failed to make the postseason for just the second time ever under coach Hall tells you all you need to know.

Although it was reported here at FTRS and elsewhere (everywhere, actually) that Georgia Tech had picked up its fifth commitment of the 2016 class in the form of athlete Garrett Rigby, the AJC updated its report on the matter to include the small detail that Rigby hasn't actually made a final decision. Though it is true that Rigby is "thrilled" to have received an offer from Paul Johnson at the conclusion of a Tech camp, he is still making his final college decision and will continue his recruiting process at least for a while longer. Note that this definitely doesn't eliminate Tech from contention; it will just take a bit longer to hear for sure.

Thanks a lot to FTRS reader Alan for bringing to my attention this article about how universities are becoming the new multinational corporations. Georgia Tech's campus in France is one of the best established examples of this little quirk, although it is far from the only instance of a college opening an overseas campus. I suppose you'd have a point if you wanted to be lame and argue that every Southeastern New Hampshire Tech A&M-esque university that offers online courses is technically a multinational corporation (emphasis on the corporation [$$$]), but physical campuses are clearly what we are talking about here. It is an interesting trend and the article is certainly worth reading.

I'll leave you today with this interesting discussion about the ACC's outlook for the 2015 season courtesy of SB Nation. Dan Rubenstein called Georgia Tech vs. Florida State his #1 game in the ACC this season, and for good reason. Both teams are perennial 10-win teams and certainly playoff contenders if everything goes right. He and Ryan Nanni both see Tech as the favorite to win the Coastal, although I'm not sure how much I trust them because they also see UNC as a riser in the conference. Ew.

Which ACC game are you most looking forward to watching in 2015?

Have a great Tuesday!