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Technical Tidbits 6/8

Hide your infants, Scott Shafer is trying to give them athletic scholarships.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With the Georgia Tech vs. Boston College game in Ireland officially on for 2016, the AJC's Ken Sugiura had the chance to have a quick Q&A with Irish sportswriter Steve O'Rourke about the public's perception of the game and some of the key details. It's very interesting that there is apparently a good public perception of Tech's spread option offense across the pond -- probably some evidence that European football fans are better than their American counterparts -- and I'd be interested in hearing exactly why that is. Is it an aesthetic thing or just because it works so well? It would also be cool to know how they choose their favorite teams over in Ireland and elsewhere. O'Rourke said that he was a Boise State fan and a couple of comments on his site identified with the Florida Gators among others.

While the perception of Georgia Tech in Ireland may be overwhelmingly positive, Yellow Jacked Up argues that the Institute's perception here in the United States remains just as poor as it was prior to the 11-win 2014 season. I actually disagree with this assessment quite a bit; it seems that Tech has gotten more and more respect and attention following the big season last year, especially in terms of respect for the record-setting offense. It seems like we are all putting too much stock into the sportsbook that set the over/under on wins at 7.5. The opinion of one person (or is it a formula?) doesn't mean anything to me and it shouldn't mean anything to you either.

We are now officially under a day away from the Rolling Stones performance at Bobby Dodd Stadium. I'm just going to keep it real here and say that I have never knowingly heard a Rolling Stones song and that seeing elderly men dressed like that makes me cringe, but this still seems like a cool opportunity. Right? I'm having a hard time getting excited because of the whole generational gap and whatnot, but this has to be a big deal. Oh well. Us darn millennials, always messing stuff up with our fancy whoosiewhatsits and doodads. No respect for talent, I'll tell ya.

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer may have taken college football recruiting to the most extreme level we've ever seen when he made a scholarship offer to a one-month-old, an eventual member of the class of 2032. I honestly have no clue if he was serious or not, but this is just too much. I'm assuming that it was a joke or a nice gesture, but the slim chance that he is actually giving a baby an athletic scholarship for a season in which he will long since be gone is absurd. In other news, the 2032 Syracuse football team already features a stronger recruiting class than the upcoming team does. See? I can take unwarranted shots at schools besides Wake Forest.

If you were born in Europe and decided to choose an American college team to be a fan of, which would you choose? Don't be sappy and lame by saying Georgia Tech.

Have a great Monday!