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Technical Tidbits 6/5

The Dublin-bound Jackets edition.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

As we reported here at FTRS yesterday, the Georgia Tech vs. Boston College game in Ireland is officially on. There was some sort of conflict that initially prevented the game from being played at Croke Park, the most famous venue in the country, but the smaller Aviva Stadium picked up the game and all appears to be on. The game will be a part of Tech's 2016 ACC schedule and counts as an away game for the Jackets (it will fill the slot of a home game for BC). It will be the third game since 2012 to be played in Ireland, following a 2012 game between Navy and Notre Dame and a 2014 game between UCF and  Penn State.

The AJC's Ken Sugiura took the time to answer six of the biggest questions that fans have about the game. It is very interesting that Dublin is trying to become the "capital of college football outside the U.S.", much like the NFL has done in London. It sure seems like that'd be worth it from an economic standpoint; the past games have drawn plenty of fans and tourists to the country. If you get the opportunity to make it to the game, be sure to take it. It could be years (or decades) before this opportunity arises again.

Georgia Tech slugger Kel Johnson has been named a freshman All-American for his fantastic rookie campaign. Despite missing much of the season with an ankle injury, Johnson still managed to hit 10 homers (good for second on the team) and bat .298 for the season. With him on the roster, the future of the Georgia Tech offense is looking more than a little bit bright. I can't wait to see what he does these next two years.

UNC got the full results back from their academic scandal back, and it appears that coach Roy Williams will be able to rest easy -- his name was mentioned just one time over the entire report. While this doesn't mean that there will be no repercussions for the university, it does mean that Williams will get out largely unscathed. I'm not making any allegations here, but it just seems like it would be impossible for that kind of academic fraud to go on without the head coach of the program knowing about it.

Just how excited for the matchup in Ireland are you?

Have a great weekend!