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Technical Tidbits 6/3

Would a successful 2015 season mean seeing Florida State twice?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

As was reported yesterday on FTRS, A-Back Dennis Andrews has officially been dismissed from the team for an apparent violation of team rules. This is a pretty sizable blow to Tech's already questionably depth at A-Back for 2015 -- it even thrusts walk-on Isiah Willis into the starting lineup for the time being. Andrews was by far the best blocking A-Back from last season (his fingerprints can be seen on many of the most explosive plays from 2014) but didn't really bring the explosiveness to the table that others like Broderick Snoddy and Qua Searcy should. If he really couldn't keep his head on straight (which seems to be the case judging by his previous suspension), then his dismissal is for the better. Guys who constantly do the wrong thing become a distraction all too quickly.

A few of Georgia Tech's previously injured football players have been given full clearance to play -- A-Back Broderick Snoddy as well as linemen Freddie Burden and Andrew Marshall are all good to go. You can't help but be glad to hear the news about Snoddy, who went down with an awful Kevin Ware/Paul George-esque leg fracture during the win against Clemson. His return should really help to mitigate the effects of Andrews' dismissal as well. In other good injury news, B-Back Quaide Weimerskirch is expected to be good to go after preseason camp after sustaining a foot injury during the spring. While it remains to be seen if he will redshirt or not given the injury, his presence will be greatly appreciated if he does end up playing.

Athlon Sports recently released their 2015 ACC predictions, including a projected return trip to Charlotte for Georgia Tech to face off with Florida State in the ACC Championship. Rest assured that I have an opinion on every single one of their predictions, but there are just too many for me complain about or praise in one paragraph. I will say that Brad Kaaya is in no way, shape, or form a better quarterback than Justin Thomas; having him ranked ahead of Thomas is silly. It is noteworthy that two out of the top five out-of-conference games for this season are Tech games -- versus Georgia and at Notre Dame. This will be an exciting season for sure.

Just months after it was decided that UAB's football program would be shut down indefinitely, there is now a plan in place to revive it by the 2016 season. This means that a new staff will already be recruiting during the upcoming cycle despite being totally dissolved just months ago. Does it make sense? No. But it is nice to see that a historic program like UAB's will be able to carry on.

Who needs to step up to help the A-Backs function without Dennis Andrews?

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