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Technical Tidbits 6/26

In which Kel Johnson will get the opportunity to hit lots of home runs (again).

Danny Karnik/Georgia Tech Athletics

Cade is still out. And now it's looking like it could be a while before he does get back. He was in Reno and shot a man just to watch him die. Really though, Cade will be back Monday. Thanks for putting up with all of my bad music puns. I hope you at least got to listen to some good music because of it.

Kel Johnson is pretty awesome! After dominating his freshman season on the Flats, Johnson was selected to participate in the sixth annual TD Ameritrade College Home Run Derby on July 2 in Omaha. Johnson will be the fourth Yellow Jacket to participate in the event since it came into existence, joining Matt Skole (2010), Daniel Palka (2012) and Matt Gonzalez (2013).  This won't be Johnson's first home run event, either. Prior to his freshman season, Johnson participated in the MLB's Junior Select Home Run Derby at Citi Field during the All-Star Break in 2013, where he placed second.

In other college baseball news, the College World Series trophy has returned the ACC with Virginia winning the series two games to one. After needing to beat a slumping Georgia Tech team to even make it into the ACC tournament, UVA made the ACC proud after rebounding from a first game loss to Vandy. With the astounding amounts of injuries that UVA suffered through this season, this championship really speaks to the depth they had, and something other teams should take notice of and attempt to duplicate.

After a long wait, Bill Connelly has finally released his preview of Georgia Tech! It's a great preview and you should definitely take the time to read it all. Connelly is very high on the Jackets and with good reason. There was definitely something that stood out to me, though. In the story, he says, "almost no offense is particularly strong on third-and-8." To that, I would just like to leave this tweet here from Sports Source Analytics (if you don't follow them, you should):

Ken Sugiura continues his work on his "New in '15" series with defensive lineman Scott Morgan. Some things that stood out to me in the story are his workout numbers. He's put on about 10 pounds and is about 285 lbs. now, while also increasing his max in bench press, squat and power clean. Also coming from the AJC, three-star safety prospect Jarrett Cole from Norcross High School has listed Georgia Tech as one of his finalists, joining Kansas State, Iowa, Nebraska and Wake Forest. I thought this tidbit from the article was neat: "What’s Cole’s most important factor in selecting a school? "A school that has my best interests in mind – not just in football – but life in general," he said. "I’m looking for a school that is going to make me better on and off the field as a person and as a man.""

I'm going to leave you today to talk about some of the great work our athletes have done off the field. Through Georgia Tech's Fellowship of Christian Athletes, 17 student-athletes were able to travel to the Dominican Republic to help build homes. I'm not promoting any religion or religious organization (so no religious debates in the comments!), I just thought it was cool to see our players wanting to make impacts off the field too.

What does Scott Morgan's future at Georgia Tech look like?