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Technical Tidbits 6/24

In which we all get to go to the NBA.

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Cade is still out. Today, he's on a dark desert highway in California, but there's a cool wind in his hair. He decided to stop at this hotel where he can check out anytime he wants, but he can never leave.

We're going to get started today with a couple of non-major sports things. First up, Georgia Tech's volleyball team released their schedule for the upcoming season which will feature six matchups against teams that participated in the 2014 NCAA tournament. Georgia Tech's softball team had two of its players (senior Karley Fullem and junior Morgan Taylor) named to the All-ACC Academic team, a great accomplishment for both players. Lastly, this comes from the major sport of football, but it isn't really football-related. Senior A-back Broderick Snoddy got married! Congrats guys!

And now, after all of that good news, I'm going to have to bring y'all down a bit. Rising sophomore infielder Blake Jackson has decided to transfer to Chipola Junior College. With Matt Gonzalez and Brandon Gold splitting time at third base this past season for Beesball, Jackson was not given much of an opportunity to play, but when he did, he made an impact on the team. Four of his six hits this season were for extra bases, and his first home run of the season was a grand slam. Best of luck to Blake has he moves on from Georgia Tech!

Former Georgia Tech Head Coach George O'Leary has been named the interim Athletic Director for UCF. Since starting at UCF, O'Leary has accumulated a record of 81-60, including a 21-5 record over the past two years. Through the AJC, UCF President John C. Hitt had this to say about O'Leary: "George’s leadership and knowledge of athletics – which includes programs beyond football – will keep UCF moving forward academically, competitively and in the community. His national connections will also help us continue building the Knights’ reputation around the country."

With us being in the midst of recruiting season, have you ever wondered what your scouting report would look like? Well then, there's good news. The great fellows with SB Nation have designed a tool that automatically produces a completely legitimate basketball scouting report. So for your interest, I'm going to include mine, Joey's, and George P. Burdell's.




Well, those are interesting.

Before I leave you today, I want to continue to show off the work Ken Sugiura has done with his "New in '15" series. Yesterday, he tackled wide receiver Brad Stewart. Sugiura does a great job of showing all the really good things Stewart did in high school -- which was pretty much everything. He had a 4.45 GPA. Playing baseball, he hit .369 for Benedictine. He is also a two-time winner of the Ashley Dearing Award. That award goes the most versatile Savannah athlete. In its 62-year history, only one other player has ever won the award: A-backs coach and Stewart's primary recruiter Lamar Owens.

What does your NBA scouting report say?