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Technical Tidbits 6/23

In which P. Diddy gets arrested and David Hale has a lot of fun with it.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Cade will be gone for the rest of the week. He's busy going with what he thought to be angels, but then, to his surprise, he climbed aboard their starships and now they're headed for the skies.

Reportedly following a physical altercation with UCLA strength coach Sal Alosi, rapper Sean Combs -- more commonly known as P. Diddy -- was arrested. For those of you wondering what on Earth P. Diddy was doing at UCLA, his son, Justin -- a redshirt junior -- is a member of their secondary, though primarily plays on special teams. Given this glorious opportunity, ESPN reporter David Hale sent out to his Twitter followers for a poll:

Some of the responses are definitely worth looking through. Even Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson makes it in a few of the responses.

Summer baseball is going full-on for all of the Jackets involved. I'm not going to do a full update on how everybody is doing, but it is definitely well worth it to go look through the article and look and see how everybody is doing. Unfortunately, not everybody is tearing it up. A couple that aren't are Brandon Gold and Matt Gonzalez. Gold, who turned out to be one of Tech's best pitchers last season, hasn't quite lived up to the hype yet, with his 5.69 ERA. Gonzo has had a rough summer, hitting just .133 with nine strikeouts this summer. He also had a rough start to his season at Tech, so there's still hope that he can get out of this funk.

Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel of Fox Sports are collaborating on something that's pretty neat. They are doing a two-man college football mock draft. There are 25 total picks for each reporter (starting 22, a second QB, a kicker and a punter). This is only the first half (you'll get the other half here tomorrow). Through the first 25 picks, it looks like Mandel has got the winning team right now. The offense alone -- with Trevone Boykin at quarterback and Ezekial Elliott and Leonard Fournette at running back -- is enough to scare anyone, but I think his best players are on the defense, where he's got Myles Garrett, Robert Nkemdiche and Myles Jack. Unfortunately, though, no Tech players have been selected thus far. I'm not totally convinced we will see one drafted in this simulation, but it would definitely be nice to see.

Ken Sugiura has continued his excellent work with his "New in '15" series yesterday with this installment profiling cornerback Dante Wigley. Wigley, who is one of my favorite signees in this class, joins Tech from Carrollton. One of the coolest things about Wigley's commitment is the circumstances under which he visited. There happened to be a couple former Tech players working out there during Wigley's visit. You might have heard of them. Their names are Calvin Johnson and Demariyus Thomas. I heard they were both pretty good. It was also pretty nice that he pretty much kicked uga right out the door when they tried to pry him away from Tech closer to National Signing Day.

I leave you today with a quiz. Do you think you know the names of your mascots? Click on that link and find out. You will be given 10 minutes to get as many of the 103 mascots as you can. Good luck and may the force be with you! (PS: We're not going to talk about how much I don't know the names of mascots.)

Taking a page from David Hale, what rapper/other musical artist would you like to see get into a fight with a coach (any coach from any sport)?