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Mailbag 6/2

In which we talk uniforms and professional help organizations.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

ThieFIFA-why should I care about futbol, the Justice Dept and Sepp Blather and henchman? And how do the have the gall to appropriate "The Beautiful Game"? Is this the craziness of the CFB situation writ worldwide and $Gozillions?

Well you can be like most Americans (at least Southerners) and just ignore soccer altogether. That's typically what I do, though I may start watching a little bit when the new MLS team gets here in 2017. Then again, that's what I said when Georgia State got a football team and Bill Curry was announced as the coach.

As far as anyone knows will the Jackets be wearing the same uniforms as we did last fall? Or will we feature the blue jerseys more often?

I actually really enjoyed the uniforms we wore this year. They were by far the best ones we've had in years. The white jerseys have really grown on me with the gold helmets. I even wasn't totally against the honeycomb helmets the way we used them this year.

And while the blue jerseys we wore at the end of the season were my favorites, I don't want to see us where them every game. It's just not us, if that makes any sense. I like them for special occasions, but not as an every game thing.

Is it true that Under Armor is buying Russell just so they can have our contract?

I haven't seen anything about this, so I'm going to go with no. I also don't really pay much attention to brand names, so take that for what it's worth.

Stanford wisely remains on the quarter system. However, this means Mr. Skov is still in school. Do you predict he will immediately move to our fair city after graduation and try to closely connect with the coaches and future teammates?

Skov will be here nearly as soon as he graduates. He is more than ready to start preparing for the upcoming season. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say he's probably already got a copy of the playbook and conditioning guide.

Which of the true freshman is most likely to crack the 2 deep on offense? Phillpot or MLD or MMarshall? On Defense? AJGray or VAlexander?

On offense, I'm going to go with Mikell Lands-Davis, mostly because I think he'll be at least a co-starter at B-back by the end of the season. He's already got the size at nearly 220-230 lbs. and I have confidence that he will know the offense well enough that, given our current depth situation, he will get plenty of playing time.

On defense, I'm going to go with both. I don't think either one will end up starting by the end of the season, but both could very easily get their fair share of playing time in special teams.

How many times can I watch the OB replay before I should seek professional help?

I'm with goldfella, you can't watch it too many times.

What’s your outlook on the 2016 recruiting class? Any 4-5 stars this year?

It'll definitely be a smaller class since we have a pretty small graduating class. As for recruiting rankings, no one that gets paid to recruit cares anything at all about how the sites rank them. They have their own scouts that make those rankings. Whether or not those align is anybody's guess.

Re watched the spring game, Terrell Lewis was an animal. Maybe I’m hallucinating or maybe it was just the fact that he was going up against the second team offense, but it seemed as though he should be starting. Am I wrong?

He was definitely an animal in that game, and I think it's a combination of his talent and playing against the second team. We'll definitely see him play, but PJ Davis, Anthony Harrell and Tyler Marcordes are going to be the top three guys at linebacker.

Is Quaide Weimerskirch gonna be healthy come Alcorn State?

Nothing has been announced yet regarding his status, but I doubt it. With Allen, Skov and possibly Lands-Davis, though, I'm not too concerned. He'll probably take a redshirt year.

Given that two of our home games will be played on Thursday nights, what is your best strategy on getting in enough quality tailgating time, with parking technically not available until 5 pm and the usual Midtown traffic hell made worse by thousands of people trying to get onto campus at the same time that employees are leaving.

Don't get caught.

Give me a reason why we shouldn't add Men's and Women's LAX.

There's not a good reason, other than money. If they have the money to do it, though, I see no reason why they shouldn't.