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Technical Tidbits 6/19

In which there's a heavy Texas influence, for reasons that might be somewhat predictable.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Cade is out for the next couple of weeks teaching less-fortunate uga fans to read, so in the meantime you're stuck with the rest of us for your morning link dumps. We'll try to keep our #takes hot in his absence.

On Wednesday, the University of Texas announced that it will begin selling alcohol at football games, joining West Virginia and Iowa State as the only Big XII schools doing so. This created a ripple in the news world, and so, naturally, Texas A&M needed to respond. The Aggies' chancellor did so with a bit of a backhanded remark, one which I'm sure would make Georgia Tech fans proud if one were directed towards their rivals in Athens. In fact, Paul Johnson has taken similar shots before (some subtle, some not so much), and I, for one, always find a way to be a little more proud of him for it. He's not sorry, and you had better not expect him to be.

Continuing with things involving Texas (this is what you get when a Houston resident is running the Tidbits), SB Nation recently took a look back on conference realignment, and what would have happened if some of the rumors had actually come true. The rumors are focused around the idea that Texas and 5 other Big XII teams (including Oklahoma and Texas A&M) would be joining the Pac-10, something that obviously didn't come true but may have created larger-scale effects. It was after that when Nebraska jumped to the B1G and Colorado to the Pac-10/12, and then Missouri and Texas A&M jumped to the SEC. Among all of this, Georgia Tech was a school rumored to be interested in joining the B1G, as the B1G was rumored to be interested in adding a couple of schools (UNC being another name mentioned). Obviously that never happened (and only one ACC school jumped ship -- Maryland), but it's always fun to think back on what could have been. The 2014 season could have looked and finished very differently, no doubt. Here's to sticking with the ACC and the positives that come with it.

Former Georgia Tech quarterback George "Goose" Godsey got into coaching shortly after his career on the Flats concluded, most recently ending a three-year stint with the Patriots to join Bill O'Brien's staff as Quarterbacks Coach for the Houston Texans. Or, at least, he was the quarterbacks coach up until last Monday, when he was promoted to be the Texans' offensive coordinator. Previously, O'Brien (a former assistant at Georgia Tech himself who coached Godsey in his final college season) had called the plays and acted as his own coordinator. Apparently he's developed enough trust in "Goose", though, to relinquish those duties. Congratulations to Godsey! Keep making the Georgia Tech community proud!

Finally, Ken Sugiura continued his profiles yesterday on this year's incoming freshmen, this time catching up with A-Back Nathan Cottrell. The biggest takeaway from the article? That dude is faster than basically anybody believes -- coaches and scouts included. He's highly athletic and very well could contribute right away on the Flats, both on offense and special teams. Keep an eye out for Cottrell this fall.

Looking back, are you good with how conference realignment ended up? Would you rather Georgia Tech have moved to the B1G or another conference? Glad they stayed in the ACC? Happy that Pitt, Syracuse, Louisville, and Notre Dame were added through the process?