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Georgia Tech Football: 2014 Top 10 Plays - #2: The Pick

Number two on our top ten plays from 2014 is simply described as "The Pick."

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

For the next two weeks, From The Rumble Seat will be bringing you the top 10 plays of the 2014 season from the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team. There were plenty to choose from in such a spectacular season, but these are the ones we feel made the cut. Feel free to leave your opinions and let us know at the end if you feel some plays were left out, and maybe we can have an honorable mentions post.

#2 on our list for the top 10 plays from the 2014 season is a play that every single one of us will remember until the end of time. The play that knocked off the Georgia Bulldogs. It was the improbable play that came after the one improbable play that came after the other improbable play that came after that other improbable play. It was a stunning finish to what was an absolutely silly game. I think back to the Georgia Tech - Georgia game and all I do is laugh, because the game just couldn't have been any more ridiculous in so many ways. Just when you thought you knew what was going to happen, something else happened that completely changed your mindset on the game. This play ended all of that in a perfect way. D.J. White, who has already been featured on this top 10 plays list and nearly was featured a third time, made another big time play when the Jackets desperately needed it. I will be a realist here. Hutson Mason made a pretty stupid decision and throw, but that doesn't take away from what White did. He was one of the most aware and opportunistic players that I've seen on defense in quite some time, and he did it again here. No matter what D.J. White does for the rest of his football career - and I think it'll be a great one - he will always be treasured by Jackets' fans for making "The Pick."

The Play: Georgia Faces a 2nd-and-goal from the 9-yard line in Overtime. Harrison Butker just missed an extra point after Tech's score(what a choke, he almost lost us the game), so the Dogs are in the driver's seat to win it with a touchdown. Every Georgia Tech fan is sure that Georgia is going to score. I mean, this is Georgia Tech - Georgia. The Jackets made an unbelievable comeback, and now they're going to lose after the kicker that had just made a field goal from another zip code missed an extra point. But I digress. Mason fakes the handoff to Nick Chubb and looks straight to his left at Malcolm Mitchell. Mitchell runs a quick slant to the inside, and D.J. White recognizes that right away. White take his eyes off of Mitchell and directs his attention to Mason at the perfect time - right when he's about to throw it his way. With his eyes on Mason, White is able to break in front of Mitchell's route right away and picks off the throw to end the game for a Georgia Tech win.

Like I said, It wasn't a great decision by Mason, but it was White's instincts to break his attention to Mason right when Mitchell made the cut that made the play happen. A conservative corner stays back and allows the short pass to be completed. Sure, Mason could've pump faked and Mitchell would've had a wide open touchdown, but this wasn't the conservative defense that we saw against UNC. They had to make a play to change the course of the game, and they did it. D.J. White did it.

He made "The Pick."

What do you think about this play? Is it ranked too high? Too low?