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Georgia Tech Football: 2014 Top 10 Plays - #4: Synjyn Days Can't Be Tackled

Number four on our top ten plays from 2014 is a long touchdown run featuring power, elusiveness, and great balance by Synjyn Days in the Orange Bowl.

#40 is shocked. You shouldn't have been.
#40 is shocked. You shouldn't have been.
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For the next two weeks, From The Rumble Seat will be bringing you the top 10 plays of the 2014 season from the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team. There were plenty to choose from in such a spectacular season, but these are the ones we feel made the cut. Feel free to leave your opinions and let us know at the end if you feel some plays were left out, and maybe we can have an honorable mentions post.

#4 on our list for the top 10 plays from the 2014 season is a run by Synjyn Days that helped blast the Jackets out of the gate in the second half against the Mississippi St. Bulldogs. On just the second play of the half, Days ran past numerous MSU defenders on his way to my favorite touchdown run of the season. I'm not sure how most will react to this being ranked so highly since it wasn't necessarily a huge play in crunch time of a game, but it's one of the more impressive plays of the season. Not to mention, it was a beautiful showcase for Days on the national stage as he ran through SEC defenders and sped down the sideline for the touchdown. The touchdown absolutely lifted the spirits of the team to start the half, and it was all Tech for the rest of the way. It was one of my favorite moments of the year to see a guy that had worked so hard in so many different roles have a highlight reel run on the national stage.

The Play: On 2nd-and-4, Days gets the handoff on what appeared to be a predetermined dive play. He bounces straight outside to a good bit of space and avoids the first tackle attempt by high-stepping through a leg tackle. Days then continues to the far-side and cuts outside to make the second attempted tackler look silly when he dives for nothing but grass. He meets the third attempted tackler about 25 yards from the line of scrimmage near the sideline and lowers his shoulders for one of the best broken tackles of the season by a Jacket. The would-be-tackler for the Bulldogs gets rammed straight to the ground as Days continues on unfazed. The fourth attempted tackler for MSU would be the last one, and he made the biggest mistake of them all. He thought he was strong enough - and Days was weak enough - for him to simply reach out and shove him out of bounds. Little did he know that Days is a physical specimen and one needs to do much more than just push him for it to have any effect on his running. Obviously, Days continues down the sideline and jogs in for a 69-yard touchdown. It's beautiful.

I can only hope that an NFL team will allow Days the opportunity to do this on Sundays.

What do you think about this play? Is it ranked too high? Too low?