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Technical Tidbits 6/16

In which we might have a combo of heated seats headed our way.

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Cade is out doing a continuous rain dance in Houston for the next couple of weeks, so in the meantime you're stuck with the rest of us for your morning link dumps. We'll try to keep our #takes hot in his absence.

Some of the best lists a player can be on are the ones that don't involve their on-field activity. That was recently the case, when named Trey Braun the fourth-smartest player in college football. Of course, we've known for a long time that he's a rock star both on and off the field. He's already got his Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and is currently batting 1.000 in his MBA classes with a 4.0 GPA. Not only that, but he does a pretty awesome stand-up comedy set (minimally NSFW) and absolutely nailed it when running the @GTStudents Twitter account to boot. Long story short, any time you see Trey Braun do stuff off the field, prepare yourself to be impressed. Any time you see Trey Braun do stuff on the field, also prepare yourself to be impressed -- he'll be a major piece once more on this year's offensive line.

We put up a FanShot pointing this out yesterday, but 21 of the 27 signees in Georgia Tech's 2015 football recruiting class report to campus today. They'll get settled in their housing before attending freshman orientation on Thursday and Friday, where they'll register for classes that begin next Monday. Joining them will be the Stanford transfer Patrick Skov (although instead of signing up for freshman-level classes, he'll be registering for Master's-level classes). As it stands, the only players from this February's signing class that won't have reported should be Jaylend Ratliffe and KirVonte Benson. Both are enrolling in January 2016 as they recover from injuries -- Ratliffe from injuries stemming from his ATV accident last fall, and Benson from a serious knee injury he suffered late in his senior season.

CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd recently released his updated Hot Seat Rankings and profiled the college football coaches that are most in danger of losing their jobs going into the 2015 season. Somewhat unsurprising was the appearance of Virginia's Mike London on the list, but conspicuously absent is Miami's Al Golden. Combine that with the growing unrest in Blacksburg concerning Frank Beamer, and Georgia Tech ends up with a very unusual end to their ACC schedule. Starting October 31, they play travel to Charlottesville to play Virginia, then host Virginia Tech on a Thursday night, and then travel to Coral Gables to take on Miami -- all in a row. They'll be playing three straight teams whose coaches could be inching closer to a meeting with the firing squad. It's interesting to think of the possibilities now, where the Yellow Jackets could put the final nail in a coffin, or be playing a team that already has an interim head coach. As for where Paul Johnson sits on that list? Let's just say he's pretty far down it after the well-timed success of last season.

Do you like the way that three-game stretch sets up? What are the chances that one or more of those teams have fired their coach by then?