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Mailbag 6/16

I get much better facial expressions from Brian Gregory
I get much better facial expressions from Brian Gregory
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If the ACC is to end its decades long drought in winning the CWS, it’ll have to be UVA (1-0 thus far) or UM (0-1). Should we pull for either or wait and hope the Jackets provide the breakthrough? Who would you favor? UVA impresses me since they looked so pedestrian in Atlanta.

Personally, I'm going with UVA. They knocked us out very easily in the first game of the ACC tournament. It won't make us look that much better if they win the whole thing, but it will make us look at least slightly better.

How was the Rolling Stones concert?

Unfortunately, I was not able to go. I'm sure it was definitely an interesting show, as is normal with the Rolling Stones. It's not very often you get to see guys in their 70s that are pencil-thin wear tight leather clothing. On the other hand, I actually do like their music.

Also, we had some great photos sent in to us, which you can look at here.

No ACC school represented. That a good thing?

Yeah, I'm OK with that. I also know that Southern is probably the second biggest party school in Georgia.

Favorite picture of CPJ?

I'm quite partial to this one. This also might be the happiest I've ever seen the man. Though the funniest thing I've ever seen him do was after the Miami game this year at the post-game conference. Someone asked how he had beaten Miami. He picked up the stat sheet, looked at it and said, "Well, we held onto the ball for 40 minutes."

Best picture of opponent reaction?

I've got two here. First up, everybody's favorite Clemson fan.

Next up, the two clips of georgia fans (the paint line and the one right after that) following this last season's game against us. (starts at about 10:55 in the video below). I mainly went with this one to jab a little bit at a few of my friends that are in those clips.

How many FTRSers are season tickets holders/attend at least one game a year/watch every game?

I go to and watch as many games as I can. Unfortunately that is isn't always all of them. With being in school and being involved with other things, I tend to get busy, and sometimes that goes into the weekend.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

-Insert some Steve Spurrier joke here-

Favorite type of: Bourbon, Scotch, Gameday drink, Gameday food?

I actually don't drink, so I can't answer the first two parts of that. As for my favorite gameday food and drink, can't beat a coke and hamburger, though bratwurst is also good for tailgating.

Are 80 days enough for freshman to get ready for their first college game?

Hopefully. I'm not even totally sure that many true freshmen are going to be playing a whole lot this season. We've got some solid depth all the way around. The player about to come in that I'm most concerned about is Patrick Skov. He's supposed to be coming in some time this month, I believe, and will have about the same amount of time to get ready for the upcoming season.

Summer movies:
1. Must see
2. Must see but FTRS commetariate better not find out you went
3. Emma Stone or Elizabeth Banks?

I saw Jurassic World the other night. I highly recommend it, but it's not my must-see movie. That would have to go to Sharknado 3. And I feel like that could qualify for numbers one and two. As for number three, gotta go with Emma Stone.

Say Tech loses 4 games next year. Who would you pick those 4 loses to be to?

Notre Dame, Florida State, Clemson, uga. Why? They're the four toughest games on our schedule in my opinion. If we absolutely have to lose four games this year -- don't see us doing this by the way -- those are the four I'd prefer.

Today in College football there are only 2 CPJ disciples, Coach Ken at Navy and Coach Monken at Army. What happens to this offense after CPJ. Are there enough high school coaches out there running it? Does Tech find another coach to run it or do we go back to a pro style, which doesn’t really work for Tech.

Even after Paul Johnson retires, there will certainly still be people running this offense, or at least a variation on it. Why? Because it works. You mentioned Coaches Ken and Monken. Those aren't the only disciples of Paul Johnson. We've got Bohannon at Kennesaw. Mike Sewak will likely be an offensive coordinator in the near future. Johnson could even be training his replacement right now in QB/BB coach Bryan Cook -- who I'm a huge fan of.

With fewer available scholarships to give in 2016, and with the coaching staff indicating they are going to be real picky this year, characterize how this year’s "big board" will be different and how the strategy in going after players will be different.'

The biggest difference is exactly what you said. The coaching staff is going to be picky. They can do that in the position they're currently in. That means that we won't see as much recruiting news, especially if we fill up early. As always, it will be a first come, first served and if you're still looking, then we're still looking.

Tell me why Parker Boudreaux, a big, high-four-star offensive tackle, has football scholarship offers from over 75 schools (that is not a misprint!) including Ga Tech. Tell me why it is you think Tech has the inside track on him and why it is once he commits to Tech it will not be considered that big of a deal.

Boudreaux will definitely be a good one wherever he ends up. Unfortunately, I don't see it being Tech. If, for some unknown reason, he did commit to Tech, there would probably be story after story after story about how he'll probably flip to some factory school before NSD.

It’s 2028, the NCAA has fallen due to demand for playoff fairness with only 4 spots for 5 conferences causing controversy and angst every season. YOU are now the Supreme Minister of Secret Operations, the new Head Position of the Premier authority in college sports, the Association of Collegiate Athletics. YOU have been given the task of creating the new Division X where the top 60 programs reign supreme in a 5 division landscape. Division X must have 4 Conferences of 15 teams, and each conference must have 3 divisions. Who do you demote or even promote? Do you align for parity or geography? Do divisions have silly or practical names? It’s all up to the new SMSO. MAKE IT SO!

This is actually a really great idea and something I've been wanting to write about for a while. Because of that, I'm actually going to take this question and turn it into a full post later this week.

What's the best advice you've ever gotten?

I've gotta go back to high school for this one. I was in the marching band in high school, and every year before the first road game, our band director would gather us around and tell us a story that went a little something like this:

So the band was taking a trip (don't remember if it was a road game or a competition or what), but as the bus was going down the interstate, a couple kids in the back decided it would be a good idea to throw french fries at the other cars.

There was one car in particular that they like to throw it at. It was an open jeep. The guy driving it was not wearing a shirt, but he was one of those people who should have been wearing a shirt.

Anyway, a little bit further down the road, and the bus pulls over. My director didn't realize these kids were throwing fries out the window, so he has no idea what was going on. The bus pulls over and this guy from the jeep walks up on the bus. Oh and he was wearing a shirt now. It read "Georgia State Patrol." He pretty much read the riot act to the bus driver and the band director before getting off the bus.

After my director would finish the story, he'd always give us this piece of advice which, if used properly, gets you out of a lot of trouble. You know what's right, do that. You know what's not right, don't do that.

Thanks for the questions!