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Georgia Tech Football: 2014 Top 10 Plays - #8: D.J. White Saves Six

Number eight on our top ten plays from 2014 exemplifies the heart and fight that the Yellow Jackets had all season with an improbable forced fumble that saved a touchdown against the Panthers.

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

For the next two weeks, From The Rumble Seat will be bringing you the top 10 plays of the 2014 season from the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team. There were plenty to choose from in such a spectacular season, but these are the ones we feel made the cut. Feel free to leave your opinions and let us know at the end if you feel some plays were left out, and maybe we can have an honorable mentions post.

#8 of the top 10 plays for the 2014 season is a showcase of true heart and will. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets' defense may have given up plenty of yards and even quite a few points throughout 2014, but they always seemed to step up big at the right time to make a play. On this play, D.J. White was that player who stepped up big and set the exact tone for the rest of the game against the Pittsburgh Panthers. It would be one of the many turnovers forced by the Jackets on that day, but it was definitely the most impressive and was one of the signature moments by a Tech defender in 2014.

The play: James Conner breaks away for what looks like an easy touchdown run in the first quarter to tie the game. The announcer even says that "he's gonna go." D.J. White then comes sprinting from the bottom of the screen at an incredible pace. He flies by P.J. Davis and Jamal Golden and lays out to strip the ball from Conner as he crosses the goal line. The ball squirts out and goes out of bounds for a touchback to save six points and give possession to the Jackets. It was a huge momentum changing play that Tech never looked back on in the blowout victory.

It's a great play by White, but I'm pretty sure you'll see one more by him in this countdown..

What do you think about this play? Is it ranked too high? Too low?