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Georgia Tech Graduates 62 Student-Athletes

Congratulations to the class of 2015!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

While the draft, the Kentucky Derby, the "Fight of the Century," and some other important sports things were going on yesterday, there was a large group of people who gathered together in McCamish Pavilion for something much more important.

These 62 student-athletes have achieved great things, both on and off the field, and I am proud to say that these are Georgia Tech alumni. Congratulations ladies and gentlemen for all of those achievements. Here is a full list of the graduates.

Student-Athlete Major Sport
Zachary Danielack Electrical Engineering Cheerleading
Maria Diaz Ortiz Biomedical Engineering Cheerleading
Rahul Iyer Management Cheerleading
Amanda Lankford Biology Cheerleading
Rachel True Biomedical Engineering Cheerleading
Ellesse Wilten Management Cheerleading
Sam Dove Material Sciences & Engineering Baseball
Jonathan Roberts Mechanical Engineering Baseball
Devin Stanton Management Baseball
Robert Sampson Business Administration Men's Basketball
Marty Alcala Economics Football
Jamie Alvarez Psychology Football
James Butler Building Construction Football
Coray Carlson Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Football
Chaz Cheeks Business Administration Football
Mike Cox Business Administration Football
Adrian Gardner Science, Technology & Culture Football
Jamal Golden Management Football
Anthony Harrell Management Football
Will Heller Civil Engineering Football
Michael Johnson Business Administration Football
Zach Laskey History, Technology & Science Football
Tremayne McNair Management Football
Domonique Noble Business Administration Football
Matt Serpico Business Administration Football
Will Smith Industrial Engineering Football
Kyle Travis Business Administration Football
Anders Albertson Business Administration Golf
Drew Czurchy Business Administration Golf
Ollie Schniederjans Management Golf
Nicholas Colletti Chemical & Biomecular Engineering Men's Swimming & Diving
Dylan Kase Business Administration Men's Swimming & Diving
Andrew Kosic Chemical & Biomecular Engineering Men's Swimming & Diving
Mark Sarman Business Administration Men's Swimming & Diving
Wilson Wei Industrial Engineering Men's Swimming & Diving
Rockne Burns Civil Engineering Men's Track & Field
Alec Clifford Biomedical Engineering Men's Track & Field
Nat Estes Aerospace Engineering Men's Track & Field
Zack Fanelty Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Men's Track & Field
Jonathan Gardner Aerospace Engineering Men's Track & Field
Scott Greer Mechanical Engineering Men's Track & Field
Cole Jackob Business Administration Men's Track & Field
Colin Edwards Business Administration Men's Tennis
Eduardo Segura Business Administration Men's Tennis
Sydney Wallace History, Technology & Science Women's Basketball
Karly Fullem Business Administration Softball
Katie Johnsky Business Administration Softball
Kylie Kleinschmidt Business Administration Softball
Chelsie Thomas Business Administration Softball
Megan Vonderhaar Business Administration Softball
Kate Brandus Public Policy Women's Swimming & Diving
Kelsey Maloney Industrial Engineering Women's Swimming & Diving
Catherine Richards Business Administration Women's Swimming & Diving
Kate Woolbright Business Administration Women's Swimming & Diving
Allison Brackin Industrial Engineering Women's Track & Field
Jasmine Bush Biology Women's Track & Field
Hayley Drosky Industrial Engineering Women's Track & Field
Rachel Hammond Industrial Engineering Women's Track & Field
Kelly Meyer Business Administration Women's Track & Field
Laura Nelson Biomedical Engineering Women's Track & Field
Laura Serres Business Administration Women's Track & Field
Courtney Felinski Science, Technology & Culture Volleyball

Also walking with this class are Summer Graduates Aaron Peek (Men's Basketball), Andrew Chau (Football) and Alex Braxton (Women's Track & Field).

Thank you to the class of 2015 for all of your hard work and dedication at Georgia Tech. You are all more appreciated than you realize and we at FTRS wish you the absolute best in your professional career!