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Technical Tidbits 5/29

In which Iman Shumpert seeks to appease The Based God.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The projected win total for Georgia Tech was released yesterday at a mediocre 7 wins, according to sports book 5dimes. I'm going to go on record right now saying that no Justin Thomas-led team with a defense like Tech should field in 2015 will yield only 7 wins. If I'm wrong about that then I'll gladly eat crow later on, but at this moment I'm 100% confident that we can get at least 8 wins in 2015. Tulane and Alcorn State provide easy wins while Pitt, Miami, Virginia, Duke, and (in my opinion) Virginia Tech are all games Tech should win. That leaves the toughest part of the schedule, with Georgia, Clemson, FSU, Notre Dame, and UNC. The Jackets should be able to find 2 wins in there to get to 8, although I'm betting on more.

While the 2015 baseball season may have ended on a low note, there are still plenty of great moments that were given to us by the 2015 "Cardiac Jackets" to remember. If you didn't follow this team too closely during the regular season, just know that you missed out on more than a few amazing late-inning comebacks and rallies -- the squad made a name for themselves by being resilient and producing runs when it counted. The most impressive such victory was, in my opinion, Tech's 16-9 win against FIU back in February; Tech went into the 9th inning down 9-8 and scored 8 straight runs to win 16-9 on a neutral field. It was a very impressive feat to say the least.

Former Yellow Jacket and current Cleveland Cavalier Iman Shumpert, currently starting for Lebron James' Cleveland Cavaliers, made history yesterday when he became the first NBA player to successfully ward off a curse from rapped Lil B. In case you had better things to do with your life over the past few weeks and missed the story, the infamous Based God Lil B placed a curse on Houston's James Harden ahead of his game against Golden State. Harden would go on to lose the game by turning the ball over on the final possession, prompting social media explosions of epic proportions. He then warned the Cavaliers, who were "stealing swag lil b cooking dance", which led to Shumpert saving the day with an apology. Three cheers for the 21st century!

Sports Illustrated is excited to see Georgia Tech attempt to defend its standing as a rising power in the ACC; that very thing comes in at number 41 on the site's "100 reasons to be excited for the 2015 college football season" list. That is obviously a worthy thing to be excited about, especially considering how few people knew how good Tech's high school offense was before it set the record for most efficient offense in history last season. Man, I can't get over that fact. Did I mention that it was the most efficient offense in history? Like, ever? Because it was.

Where do you set Tech's projected win total for 2015? Is 7 highway robbery, dead on, or way too high?

Have a great weekend!