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Technical Tidbits 5/20

In which Tech gets mercy ruled right out of the ACC Tournament.

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The ACC Tournament's sparsely-used mercy rule had to be invoked yesterday to stop the Jackets from suffering any further loss of dignity in their 11-0 blowout loss at the hands of the Virginia Cavaliers. The game, which went just 7 innings and included a near-perfect game from Cavalier starter Josh Sborz, marks the third time out of the last five games that Tech has been shut out (all five have been losses) -- the Jackets were outscored by a margin of 59-5 over those games. While there is a small chance that Tech will make the College World Series, this loss more than likely ends the season for Tech at an underwhelming 32-23 (13-17 ACC) as we head for what should be an interesting offseason. Read the FTRS breakdown right here.

While most fans see Brian Gregory's success in terms of bringing in solid transfers as a positive attribute, the folks over at Yellow Jacked Up are raising questions about how the new and potential transfers could affect the development of Tech's young frontcourt down the line. While I can see the concern that a guy like Ben Lammers might suffer in the long-run because of Gregory's tendency to bring in transfers, the team still needs depth at the position. We can't go into a season with so few frontcourt members, especially given the youth of the depth we do have, and expect to have production from the four and five spots on the floor. This is especially true when you consider that Brian Gregory is fighting for his job and has no incentive whatsoever to play anyone but the guys who give his team the best shot at winning. If those players are transfers, then so be it.

Former Yellow Jacket Iman Shumpert's defense could be one of the deciding factors during his team's upcoming series against the Atlanta Hawks. Shumpert, who has become an integral part of the postseason rotation for the Cleveland Lebrons Cavaliers, is known more for his offense than defense but will be faced with the unique task of guarding sharpshooter Kyle Korver for at least four games. The series begins tonight in Atlanta.

After what feels like months of undeserved hype, former Notre Dame signal caller Everett Golson announced that he would transfer to Florida State for his final collegiate season. Golson clearly didn't want to miss out on playing Georgia Tech during his swan song -- his other finalist was Georgia -- but eventually settled on filling the shoes of Jameis Winston at FSU. This is notable for Tech because the Seminoles will visit the Flats towards the middle of the season and have what will hopefully be a favorable encounter with the turnover-prone Golson. He isn't a world beater, but he sure will provide some offensive stability for a Noles team which lost so much talent this offseason.

Does bringing in transfers hurt the development of Tech's young frontcourt?

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