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Georgia Tech Football: FTRS Hits the Road

Creating a compendium of knowledge to ease your travel planning this fall.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that in general, the Georgia Tech fanbase doesn’t travel well.  Despite our strong showing in Charlotte last year, Tech is not generally a well-traveling fanbase, nor the largest by any means.  I know we’ve all got jobs and can’t all follow the Yellow Jackets around the nation in an RV this fall… but with a killer schedule at home and on the road, it might be worth missing a day of work here and there to watch JT5 and Co. in a city and stadium you’ve never been to.

Also, has everyone bought their season tickets already?  Yes?  Good.  See you in section 223.

So our road schedule is as follows:

Sep 19 – Notre Dame

Sep 26 – Duke

Oct 10 – Clemson

Oct 31 – Virginia

Nov 21 – Miami

Dec 5 – Charlotte*

*You know, just adding it in here for good measure.

The point of this article is to generate discussion, advice, and any and all input you, dear reader, may have for attending one of these games.  Personally, I’m trying to go to South Bend this fall, which is a pain to get to.  We’re looking at traveling there via Chicago and renting a car, but we’re open to your seasoned, wise input.

Do you have advice for attending the Miami game besides, “The stadium is a hell-hole disconnected from the campus and city with no tailgating spots and is difficult to get to?” Well, this is the place to share.

Maybe for some reason you’ve always liked the sound of Durham, NC and would like to see football played in the middle of a track like your high school days… I’m sure someone here can at least advise you on travel philosophy and whether it’s worth the trip.

Let’s make it as easy as possible for us Tech fans to travel this fall.  If we’re all being realistic, this is generally when we have to start planning a trip that takes us as far away as Miami or South Bend that's going to involve flights and hotels.  Let's put more white and gold in the opponent's stadiums this fall.

Clemson can be done in a day to and from Atlanta if your driver is sober and has some caffeine for the ride back.  The other games look like they will require a little more planning.

Here, I’ll even start us… The only away game I made it to last year was Charlotte for the ACCCG.  It was an easy drive the morning of that was heavily populated by cars showing their GT flags.  We basically joined an interstate convoy and rode all the way up in all of our white and gold glory.  Parking was easy enough close to the stadium where we joined the FTRS tailgate.  Downtown Charlotte is relatively easy to navigate, and the stadium is surrounded by paid-lots.  All in all, it was a relatively smooth trip that I’m planning to do again this fall if when we’re in the game.

So let’s hear it FTRS, what’s your travel advice this fall?  What cities and stadiums are your favorites to attend and which should we avoid?  Which game won’t be worth the travel cost and time?  We’re planning on going to South Bend via Chicago this fall, has anyone done it differently?  What road games are you planning to attend?