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Technical Tidbits 4/24

Georgia Tech goes 13-deep at the quarterback position.

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Guard Adam Smith, a former Hokie, announced yesterday that he would be transferring to play his final year of eligibility at Georgia Tech. This is great news for Brian Gregory and company, especially considering how good Smith is from beyond the arc -- he shot an amazing 42.4% on his three point attempts last season. If Chris Bolden really is done for good on the Flats, this transfer is even more critical because Smith will be able to fill the exact void left by Bolden and hopefully provide even more on the offensive end. While it's great to see Brian Gregory getting quality transfers, don't let it mask his deficiencies in the recruiting department. One-year guys, as great as they can be, don't touch the value of a four-year player and Gregory has struggled to both get and retain his recruits.

We've talked a bit recently about which teams would look to draft Synjyn Days and Zach Laskey, but could the answer be for one NFL team to draft them both? That's what Yellow Jacked Up has proposed, and it's a very interesting thought. To say that this is unlikely would be an understatement, and I'm honestly not quite sure what to think of the idea as a whole. There is some logic behind having the two guys keep playing together, but both being drafted by the same team seems like it would be counter-intuitive to their respective developments. NFL offenses are completely different than those in college for the most part and carries between running backs are much less split.

Paul Johnson's team may only feature three players currently at the quarterback position, but the signal-calling roots on the roster run much deeper -- 13 current players played quarterback in high school. This is just a part of Paul Johnson's recruiting strategy to always get the best athletes by finding the best player on a high school team, usually the quarterback. When you think about it, it;s truly a great way to find players who are both versatile and talented, two of the most important assets for guys in Johnson's system, and allows him to find the right place for them. It adds an exciting and unique dimension to the team and allows for holes to be filled from the inside when needed.

New statistics that have come up appear to show that UAB was ill-advised to cut their historic football program from a financial perspective. I appreciate that boosters were willing to contribute their money to helping find a solution, but it just seems like we are beating a dead horse by now. The UAB football program is as good as gone (sadly), and doesn't seem to be coming back anytime soon.

What does the number of former QBs on Tech's roster tell you about Paul Johnson?

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