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Technical Tidbits 4/21

In which George O'Leary packs for return to the Flats, pending retirement age.

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ACC commissioner John Swofford, who is a strong supporter of deregulating conference championship games, said recently that his support is not at all related to a desire for three divisions in the ACC. This seems like good news, at least to those like myself who are opposed to moving to a three-division format in the conference. If the deregulation proposal does pass, as it is expected to by 2016, Swofford hints that he won't be making much of a push to change from the current two-division format at all. While that may be the plan for now, don't be surprised to see it change sometime down the road as the conference continues to expand and add new members. With every new school, the current model becomes less effective.

Georgia Tech announced a future home-and-home series with UCF yesterday which will be played in Orlando for the 2017 season and in Atlanta for the 2020 season. This is a very interesting move by the school, but I'm definitely not complaining about scheduling a rising power for the near future, especially given the George O'Leary connection (although he may well be gone by 2017 and almost certainly will be by 2020). As an advocate for tough scheduling, I can't see any downside here. Good work, MBob. Check out the FTRS breakdown here.

Florida State trustees are reportedly concerned with the ACC's place among power five conferences, according to CBS. This is a really cute thing for people around the FSU program to say, especially considering how they were embarrassed by Oregon in the Rose Bowl, but I can understand why it would be a cause for concern. The ACC is obviously being disrespected, as was evidences by FSU's fall through the rankings despite being undefeated, and needs some of the bottom-dwelling teams to step up and make the conference respectable again.

Speaking of teams which could benefit from playing in a stronger conference, Florida State fans have a thing or two to learn from Boise State. The Broncos have been winning as consistently as any other team over the past few seasons despite playing the MWC, even winning bowl games against schools which are perceived to be much better. They are a truly unique program, from their level of success to the turf they play on, and deserve a shot at national prominence.

Do you like the scheduling of a series with UCF?

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