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Technical Tidbits 4/20

In which Ohio State draws 100,000 fans, but it looks more like 117 to me.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed the devastating news, would-be starting B-Back C.J. Leggett saw his season end before it even began due to a torn ACL suffered last week. This latest injury, coupled with numerous departures due to graduation, puts the already questionable B-Back depth into the razor thin category for the upcoming season -- it thrusts Marcus Allen, who was playing linebacker just two weeks ago, into the starting lineup. Allen is going to be a much more physical B-Back than we've seen in recent seasons, even when compared to guys like Zach Laskey and Synjyn Days. His much larger build will give Tech some boom in the backfield which has arguably been missing for a few seasons.

We'd better hope that Marcus Allen is as quick a learner as he appears to be so far -- the brunt of the B-Back work will surely fall on his shoulders come late August. He led all rushers in the spring game with 77 yards on 14 carries despite playing the position for just a week -- that is a very encouraging sign from a guy whose name will be heard many times in the coming months. The success of the team likely depends on his success running the football, along with maybe a rising freshman.

Boston College beat Georgia Tech by a final score of 4-0 on Sunday, giving the Eagles a series sweep against the Jackets. Tech really needed a sweep of their own to stay afloat in the ACC, but rather fell to 24-15 overall and 9-12 in the ACC. The Eagles, who were previously a mediocre 6-11 in the ACC, improve to 9-11 in the conference and 21-18 overall. The Jackets were able to muster just a single run in 27 innings of play against BC, marking by far the lowest point of the season for the offense. It's an uphill battle from here if Tech hopes to stay competitive in the ACC.

Ohio State set a new record for attendance at a spring game over the weekend when they drew a whopping 99,391 fans to watch their three-headed monster at quarterback fight it out on the field. To put that into perspective, the MLB's Tampa Bay Rays have drawn just 95,000 fans all season long, just 4,000 less than Ohio State drew for a game that didn't even count. No NFL team drew that many fans all season long. The Philadelphia 76ers didn't hit the 99,000 mark until 7 home games had already been played. But to be honest, I don't even see the big deal. I only count 117 people in the photo on the article.

What does Georgia Tech have to do to stay competitive in the ACC baseball landscape?

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