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Technical Tidbits 4/17

You might see Paul Johnson as an underrated coach, but he simply doesn't care.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Following a string of less than impressive seasons of football on the Flats, Georgia Tech many finally be ready to contend nationally once again. While the team still has plenty to prove to scores of doubters, it is hard to argue that Justin Thomas and his supporting cast will not be competitive this season and in the future. The offense, though it may lose a step, still seems all but destined to succeed while the defense, though spotty at times last season, returns most starters and role players from last year's successful campaign. Should there be expectations of a playoff run in Atlanta? Probably not yet, but there very well could be if the program continues on this road.

Georgia Tech baseball will make the long journey up to Chestnut Hill this weekend for a three-game series with ACC foe Boston College. The Jackets currently stand at 24-12 on the season, including a 9-9 mark in the ACC, The Eagles own an unimpressive 18-18 record, including a less-than-stellar 6-11 mark in the ACC. This is the exact type of series that Georgia Tech needs to sweep if they hope to establish themselves as contenders in the conference -- a .500 mark in ACC just won't get it done when the time comes to set the field for the College World Series.

Paul Johnson was named one of the five most underrated coaches in the ACC yesterday, joining Duke's David Cutcliffe and Boston College's Steve Addazio as head coaches represented on the list. Johnson, while he is obviously one of the most underrated coaches in the conference if not the nation, has made one thing abundantly clear about his feelings on these matters since his arrival on the Flats. In fact, those feelings can just about be summed up in three simple words: I don't care. And that's just the truth. Paul Johnson, as underrated as he may be, just does not care. Go CPJ!

I'll leave you today with a quick reminder to go to the spring game tonight and also this nice article on what to look for while you're there.  We'll have to forgive the author for (I think) confusing the A-Back and B-Back positions, or at least assuming that they are the same thing -- he suggests that C.J. Leggett and Dennis Andrews (a B-Back and A-Back, respectively) will be competing for one role this season. I'm also unsure what he means when he says that Broderick Snoddy will "likely" have a spot on the roster considering that Snoddy is a near-lock to start at A-Back, but I'm willing to issue a pass since he introduces himself as a Maryland graduate on his bio. Those Terps never did understand the flexbone offense, much less how to stop it.

What are you looking forward to seeing in tonight's spring game?

Have a great weekend!