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Technical Tidbits 4/1

In which the Rolling Stones head to Bobby Dodd Stadium.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced yesterday that Bobby Dodd Stadium would be playing host to the Rolling Stones in early June of this year as a part of the band's ZIP CODE tour. It will be the second time that the Rolling Stones have played at Bobby Dodd Stadium (they also played for its grand opening back in 1913), so be sure to get your tickets before the city's elderly population learns how to use the Internet. I'm hoping that we can maybe get Mick Jagger and company to stick around in Atlanta for at least a few more years so that we can substitute them into our football schedule in the place of Wake Forest to raise our strength of schedule. They would be considered an FBS opponent, right? Wait, what you mean FBS doesn't stand for Frail, Bald, and Senile? Check out the FTRS breakdown of the event right here.

When Texas fired longtime basketball coach Rick Barnes after the season ended, it opened a door for many struggling programs to find their new coach of the future. Had Brian Gregory been fired at the end of the season, one of those schools vying for Barnes' services would undoubtedly have been Georgia Tech, and the authors at FanSided's Yellow Jacked Up argue that this is a missed opportunity for Tech to better its program. Would Rick Barnes have been a great hire for Mike Bobinski and the athletic department? Absolutely, but they clearly have at least some faith left in Brian Gregory and I'm willing to see where else he can take us. Rick Barnes is a great coach, but not one worth fretting over missing out on.

Ken Sugiura published his Tech Tuesday review yesterday, detailing seven of the most interesting things surrounding Georgia Tech sports from the week. One of the things he touches on is Paul Johnson's reluctance to put quarterbacks in a non-contact jersey like most other coaches and programs do. In this sense, I guess CPJ is almost the anti-Bobby Dodd -- he doesn't mind even his most important players going through full practices. We can hardly fault him for it, either; Thomas' on-field performance from last season tells us that whatever he and Johnson have agreed to is more than working.

The ACC now features some of the most dynamic offenses in the entire country, including those at UNC and here at Georgia Tech. While Georgia Tech's offense was far and away the best in 2014, the thought of which attack will rise to the forefront in 2015 remains an active question. I'm personally going to go with Georgia Tech again simply because Justin Thomas is nearly unstoppable, but there are compelling arguments to be made about Clemson and UNC as well. Both of those teams have dynamic quarterbacks as well and could become forces this upcoming season.

Which school will have the best offense in the ACC this season?

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