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Technical Tidbits 3/6

In which Ole Miss wants to hire your whole family.

Dr. Bo, who recently had his license revoked.
Dr. Bo, who recently had his license revoked.
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Georgia Tech will welcome the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to town this weekend as the baseball team opens their ACC slate with a three-game series on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The Jackets are coming off of a three-game sweep of Indiana State last weekend which saw their record rise to a respectable 9-3, including four wins in a row. The Irish, in their second season as a baseball member of the ACC, are still fighting to prove that they can compete in one of the premier baseball conferences following a 22-31 season last year. The Irish currently stand at 10-1 on the year, having won their last nine in a row.

A Gwinnett judge recently declined a request by former Georgia Tech star Ricardo Wimbush, currently in jail after it was discovered that he and his wife had locked their son in a basement room for almost a year, to regain custody of his 10 children. Wimbush, who had initially agreed to hand over temporary custody to the state, is facing child cruelty charges for his actions and, if found guilty, could face anywhere from one to 20 years in prison depending on the degree of the charge. This development in the case comes exactly one month after it was announced that Wimbush and his wife would be allowed to receive letters from their children.

Ole Miss recently hired the brother of five-star quarterback commit Shea Patterson, who made public his intent to attend Ole Miss just weeks ago, to an off-field job with the school. You have to think that this played a role of some sort in Patterson's recruitment because the timing is just uncanny, but I really don't have too much of a problem with it. This is one of those gray area, "you can't prove it" kind of deals where Ole Miss didn't really break a rule and the NCAA wouldn't have a case against them even if they did.

An attorney for the NBA Players Association has released a statement calling the NBA's age limit "racially biased" and calling for change on the part of commissioner Adam Silver. Silver has been a vocal and strong supporter of raising the age requirement since he replaced long-time commissioner David Stern, but his calls have been met with harsh criticism by many, including the NBAPA. The attorney, Gary Kohlman, makes the following argument  in regards to the age limit:

"If they were white and hockey players they would be out there playing. If they were white and baseball players they would be out there playing."

I've thought a lot about the age limit in recent months, but I have to admit that I've never had the thought that it may be racially biased. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the argument.

Is the NBA age limit racially biased?

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