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Help Wanted! From the Rumble Seat is Looking to add New Writers

Inquire within.

From the Rumble Seat is looking to add some new writers. Before I get into the specific job descriptions, there is one main requirement for anyone who applies. They must be passionate when it comes to Georgia Tech sports. You may also have to sell your soul to Joey, but we'll talk about that later.

For now, let's look at what we are looking for. We're looking to add three new writers to the staff.

Football Staff Writer

You'll notice that with all of these positions, they're pretty self-explanatory, but I like to be thorough. Being a football staff writer means that you will be writing mainly about football. Whether that be games, recruiting or previews of some kind, you will be writing mainly about football.

Basketball Staff Writer

Again, self-explanatory. This is pretty much the same as football, only with basketball. You'll be writing about games, recruiting and doing some sort of previews and any coverage asked.


Something that we feel has been lacking around here is opinionated writers. So we're looking to add a weekly columnist. For this position, you'd be asked to write at least one column a week. The topic would be up to you as long as it pertains to Georgia Tech sports in some fashion.

Speaking from personal experience, this is a fun thing to do, but it can also be very time-consuming, so for those interested, please take that into account.

Another thing we really have an emphasis on is initiative. Be willing to write about stuff without being asked to do so. Like if there's some sort of breaking news like a new recruit or a new coach or something like that, take a few minutes to sit down and put out a quick article on it.

For the football and basketball writers, we would prefer you be local to Atlanta, though that is certainly not a requirement.

If you're interested, please send a copy of your resume to and Please make sure to include both of us in the email. Also, if you have any specific questions up front, feel free to ask us. Good luck and may the force be with all those who apply.