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Technical Tidbits 3/4

In which regular season basketball (mercifully) comes to an end.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Sports Illustrated recently published an article detailing some of the key questions facing each ACC team this season, hitting on offensive playmakers for Georgia Tech. I was afraid that the writers would just take the bait by looking at the lack of defensive line production last season and calling that the biggest key concern, but they clearly realized that there was a lot of talent coming to fill that void and a much bigger concern over offensive playmakers. They also mention Quaide Weimerskirch and C.J. Leggett stepping up to fill the roles of Synjyn Days and Zach Laskey, which is more than true -- both of those guys will be looked to to create some major production this season and in the future.

Georgia Tech finally put an end to the miserable regular season yesterday when the UNC Tar Heels crushed them by a final score of 81-49 at McCamish Pavilion. If I said that I had any hope of a win going into the game, I'd be lying; UNC is the prototype for a team to beat the Jackets because they can out-rebound even our stout defensive team while also piling it on offensively. In my mind, the loss just about cements Brian Gregory's departure from the Flats -- the fourth-year coach is losing more support by the day and isn't likely to survive the offseason.

Georgia Tech basketball may have had a bad time last night, but the baseball team managed to pull out a tight win over Ohio in 12 innings, walking off on a three-base error to make the final score 7-6. The Jackets continue to struggle during the early innings, especially with their pitching, but proved once again how ready they are to step up in key situations. This isn't the most talented team in the ACC by a long shot, but you couldn't persuade me that it isn't the most resillient.

Former Yellow Jacket Demaryius Thomas, currently of the Denver Broncos, was franchise tagged by the team on Monday to prevent him from reaching free agency for at least another season. Thomas is widely considered to be one of the top two or three wideouts in the NFL, and assigning him as a franchise player will guarantee that he will remain a member of the Broncos for the coming season. He joins other notable players such as Dez Bryant and Justin Houston on the list of new franchise players.

What key questions face Georgia Tech's football team?

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