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Technical Tidbits 3/31

In which we throwback to the Robert Carter "trade".

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John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly a year after Robert Carter left Georgia Tech for Maryland and Charles Mitchell transferred from Maryland to Tech, we have a much clearer picture of what that "trade" means for both schools. While Carter is yet to take the court for the Terps, it is safe to say that he will have a huge impact when he eventually does. As we saw while he was at Tech, he has a great all-around game that will certainly help a Maryland team with a number of seniors on the current roster. On the other hand, Tech got Charles Mitchell, who served as the sixth-man for much of the season. His production was a pleasant surprise and this already rough season would've been much rougher without him.

Georgia Tech baseball will face a tough test this week as they take on two in-state rivals, Georgia and Georgia State, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both games will be away games for the Jackets, played in Athens and Panthersville respectively, and both will be suitably challenging for Georgia Tech's struggling offense. Georgia currently stands at 18-11 on the season, having won six out of their last eight games, while Georgia State sits at 17-12. The Panthers have won three straight themselves, but had previously dropped five of six in Sun Belt play.

The return of defensive lineman Jabari Hunt-Days, who sat out last season due to academic ineligibility, has been named one of the ACC's biggest spring developments. I couldn't agree more with that assessment -- Hunt-Days has reportedly spent his time away from the game developing into a beast of a lineman. His presence on what should be a stacked Georgia Tech defensive line can't be understated -- it will allow Adam Gotsis to get free more often and hopefully create more pass pressure during the season. I can't wait to see how he performs this season.

Erica Kinsman, the former Florida State student who accused Jameis Winston of sexual assault back in 2012, is now claiming that FSU concealed possibly incriminating evidence which could have led to Winston's conviction. I can't wrap my mind around why head coach Jimbo Fisher and an assistant athletic director were the people who responded to her allegations -- sexual assault seems over the head of a football coach. I'm not sure that anything will come of this new lead, but it will be interesting to see what is decided.

What would Tech's season have been like if Robert Carter had not transferred?

Have a great Tuesday!